Voltaire is the nome de plume of François-Marie Arouet (21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778) He was a French writer, historian and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religionfreedom of expressionand separation of church and stateVoltaire was a versatile writer, producing works in almost every literary form, including plays, poems, novels, essays, and historical and scientific works. He wrote more than 20,000 letters and more than 2000 books and pamphlets. He was an outspoken, despite the risk this placed him in under the strict censorship laws of the time.

Around 2008, he was contacted by Dr. John Rodgers and his channel Christine Wolf.  Voltaire told them many things about the spirit world and about the political situation of the 21st Century.

It all began back in the 1980s when, in Manley P. Hall's book Secret Teachings of All Ages, Dr. John read a statement about Plato and Christianity attributed to Voltaire. Dr. John called Mr. Hall to learn the source of the quotation. The phone was answered by a secretary who took Dr. John's question to Hall. She returned to say that Mr. Hall did not remember the source. (This was not unusual since Mr. Hall had written the book 75 years earlier.) Then Mr. Hall died in 1990.

And thus things remained until Dr, John met Christina Wolff. He asked her to contact Manley P. Hall, assuming that since he was no longer mortal he would remember better.  She contacteed Hall. Since he no longer had a secretary to screen his calls, he used his own screening system.  He asked, "Have I spoken to you before?"

Dr. John related how he had called him over 15 yesars before and again asked his question about Voltaire, Mr. Hall said he still did not remember the source, but, he added, "Why don't you ask Voltaire?"

 Here we learn something important.  As the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith once said,"Whatever degree of intelluigence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us."  In other words, when we die, we don't suddenly know everything. We're just as dumb after we die as we were before.

Dr. John had not thought of this, He agreed with Mr. Hall that this was a good idea and thanked him.  Ms Wolff called up Voltaire and Dr. John asked him the same question he had asked Mr. Hall.  Dr, John was referring to the quotation by Mr. Hall, which was, "Plato should have been canonized by the Christian Church, for, being the first propounder of the Christos mystery, he contributed more to its fundamental doctrines than any other single individual."

Voltaire said he had probably written something like that in a pamphlet around 1742, but could not remember exactly which pamphlet.  He said he had once held Plato in great respect.

"You once  held him great respect? asked Rodgers. "What happened?"

"I met the man!"

Dr. John began to inquire about the nature of existence on the astral plane.  Voltaire said there were four levels.

On another occassion, Dr. John asked Voltaire about reincarnation.  "It's a lie!" Voltaire exclaimed.


In 2017  Dr. John felt Voltaire was trying to reach him with more information. Early one morning, he made the attempt and produced the following. It was not perfect and Voltaire kept editing it.  Here is the last edition.

My dear Dr. John, as you have made a sincere enquiry, I am pleased to present my views on this most controversial subject. I further extend an apology that unpleasant outburst occurring during our previous communication, especially so as I am now aware that all that remains is the unfortunate phrase, “Reincarnation is not true!”.

Onward. Why everyone initially threw themselves upon the pyre of resurrection and have now seemingly abandoned it for its opposing doctrine was puzzling to me. In truth it does more than puzzle, it produces in me sorrow, for it is further evidence of the mental limitations to be found in the thinking of a being who might otherwise be described as the finest product of Creation.

Do not assume, that that words I  speak arise from the heart of one who has rejected that noble idea of a Divine Cosciousness to whom all owe their continued existence. No, upon arriving in this state, I am provide evn more evidence of the existence of that Great Being. No, I remain a deist, though not in the sense of the 18th century.

Continuing, I am no longer a being of mortal qualities, hence, I speak as a knowledgeable authority, having died and being now a resident of the realm of ”spirit”. And I assure you I cannot with validity anticipate my return to  the world of matter, which is to say, your world.

The consciousness, that dear element which determines our individuality, does most certainly continue beyond the grave. I am clear evidence to the truth of this precept.  However, I have come upon no evidence that, having once arrived to this place, one can anticipate a departure at some later time.

There are being here who, judging by the identity and story  which they offer upon inquiry, have resided in this condition for centuries, even millennia..  This would surely require the observer to conclude reincarnation does not take place.

For every individual whose identity is historical in nature, yet who has concluded the physical journey, we find here a number of beings who claim to themselves that identical persona. Without question, some are

prevaricating, while others are confused—though of course, with persistence one is able to discover that in this midst  does exist that unique being who can rightfully claim that identity—and who can provide sufficient narrative evidence to the point of  persuasion.

You see thus, the observer might conclude there be more “souls” here than provided by the deaths of  Earthly beings. I am speaking humorously.  In truth, just as we  perceive in all states of existence, particularly the physical state, there are many to be found who are not of a mind that is clear and analytical, but rather are easily led astray by circumstances,  reasoning motivated by self desire, and by the words of others,  This is to be found in all known states of being, towit the earthly and the spiritual.

I am not attempting to dissuade you of any faith you may have in a possible return that may exist for you following your arrival here, nor am I positing any concept or theory.  I am merely relating to you what I have experienced and the absence of any evidence of reincarnation, and the ideas that are popularly associated with it in the thinking of men (and women, truly blessed) found in your midst in these times.

Those many individuals who, at there base, have posited the idea of resurrection, upon hearing and giving forth the cheers of the conqueror,  may not regard me as their champion. 

Based on what information I have obtained from conversation with some of those countless individuals who have dedicated their lives to the idol of resurrection, I can assert that none of them have ever resurrected, nor do any of them know from personal association anyone who has experienced this fabulous transition.

If one were to go forth in this enquiry in a scientific manner, one should take a census of those who, by this time in history, should have made the transition to this present realm, I believe such a census would show that there were no missing persons—that all who should be here are presently here.  Hence, no evidence of resurrection or reincarnation.


I believe that everyone who once experienced the condition you now endure now can be found here.  I have on a few occasions giving out the names of a number of beings who, by this time should be sharing this same condition I experience and received contact, some more willingly than others. These individuals were tested by me, admittedly in a manner less that perfect, owing to my sometimes limited or lack of information, and the results of this testing satisfied me.


Do you not wonder how the population of the world can continue in increase, if the births of new individuals is the result of the deaths of others?  As the numbers of the inhabitants of the world increases, does it mean that God is continually creating new “souls”, or perhaps “souls” are splitting, dividing into two or three souls that can then incarnate and contribute to the increase in population? Concerning these precepts I an offer no information. How would such an investigation take place. What evidence would be sought? That is for others to take up.

As to my mind, I am satisfied that the idea of reincarnation (and resurrection) have no basis in reality.

Thank you for your ear

This is Voltaire