Do you suffer from spiritual amnesia?

Our lives, because of spiritual amnesia, have become a search for meaning and relevance. Whatever it is that we face in life, if we can find a meaning for it, or assign a meaning to it, we can usually endure it. I think it is because we hold onto the hope that by divine design or synchronicity, all the tiny threads of life’s tapestry will eventually form a beautiful piece of artwork, where each and every thread will become unique and irreplaceable. We trust above all that the final unveiling will be utterly exquisite and the moments of pain will be swept away.

The finality of death provides us with a rare opportunity to survey a life—someone’s completed story, from the perspective of meaning and relevance.

Without another song to sing, the music fades but the incandescence lingers on. Some say that every word ever spoken, and every thought and emotion ever experienced, remains with the earth, forever. Whether by our contribution to the Akashic (Soul) Record or whether through our adamantine particles impregnating everything we ever passed by or touched or thought about, surely we, the real individual personality essence that makes us who we are (in whatever realm we inhabit) immortal. Is there another definition?

If we could expand our sense of self beyond the narrow confines of physicality and focus, beyond the straight jackets of creeds and rituals and asanas, and beyond the perpetual striving for perfection, simply to see the inner beauty and let it express outwardly, being who it is and loving who it is… we may find, as the Navajo did:

“In beauty it is finished.”

If there were some force in opposition to the Divine (if that were even possible), it would surely be frustrated with the Divine Human. For notwithstanding the most dreadful of deeds and the most heart wrenching losses, our souls nearly always manage to emerge as heroes. Perhaps it was planned that way or perhaps the Divine in us always draws towards itself exactly what it needs for optimum expression.

As billions of souls, navigating in our vulnerable human embodiments, we face each unknown day, each life and death itself, with the greatest courage and beauty. We learn to grow and to evolve. We both improve and accept, suffer and rejoice. We innovate and we tolerate, we disappoint and we inspire. And death reminds us that our souls will always have the last word