Magnetic Therapy has been used by well-known scientists around the world.  Dr. N. Nakagawa, Chief of Tokyo's Izusa Hospital, has used magnet therapy on more than 11,000 patients. The primary complaint of these patients was muscle spasm in the shoulder and neck region. For many of the patients, pain was already extending to the upper neck and head and down the back. With magnet therapy he was able to free ninety per cent of the patients from pain.

In another study done in Japan, people were treated exclusively with bio-magnets—these are now available worldwide. Double-blind studies were completed by Dr. S. Arichi at the Hospital of Kinki University and by Dr. J. Suzuki at the Hospital of Tokyo Medical College. They selected 121 patients with severe chronic shoulder pain and divided them randomly into two groups that matched each other in every respect. The treatment of choice was bio-magnets: one group was treated with magnets of a high magnetic strength; the other with low strength magnets. In the active group—with the higher magnetic strength—eighty-two percent showed significant improvement within four days. The control group with lower strength magnets only had a thirty-seven percent Improvement rate.

In another double-blind study done in Japan, Dr. Antenucci treated 222 patients suffering from acute and chronic muscle and joint pain (myositis, bursitis, arthritis, rheumatism) with biomagnets. After only five days ninety percent of the patients in the active group reported lessening of pain, while in the placebo group only fourteen percent reported an improvement.

Extensive experiments with animals at a clinic in Munich showed that wounds and burns treated with magnets were healing very successfully. Numerous experiments with animals and clinical examination of more than 100 patients proved that magnets with static current and those with weaker electromagnetic fields also have a strong influence on the healing process. This was reported at the 91st Congress of the Society of Surgery by Dr. W D. Miihlbauer, Chief of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Munich’s Technical University.

Another striking success of magnet therapy was reported by a patient who had her abdominal wall surgically tightened. One half of the incision was treated conventionally with sutures; the other half was closed with a so-called "magnetic zipper." After only ten days it was apparent by just visual inspection that the "zippered"

portion showed a far greater degree ot healing than the otner part. The magnetically treated scar also showed the same resistance to tearing. In addition, the formation of collagen fiber in the magnetically treated scar took place in a systematic fashion at right angles to the incision, while the other half showed chaotic, random scar tissue formation.

Good results also have been obtained in the treatment of keloids (hard nodules of fibrous tissue or flattened, streaked skin growth, as in some scar tissue formation). The scar tissue became soft and elasticity was restored.

Similar reports came from Dr. P Kokoschinegg of the LudwigBoltzmann Institute for Acupuncture in Vienna. His greatest success was obtained in the treatment of scar tissue, though treatment time had to be extended. The north pole of the magnets were lined up to the skin of the patients. The magnetic induction was approximately 600 gauss at the center of the pole, meaning it had one thousand times the power of the natural magnetism of the earth. A patient with severe pain and infection after a leg amputation was also successfully treated. He required pain medication at the start, but after several weeks of treatment with bio-magnets, he reported that the pain had disappeared.

Very interesting in contrast is the work that Dr. H. Vandyk and Dr. M. H. Helpern from Philadelphia did for the U.S. space program. They raised mice in specially prepared metal cages that shielded them from the electromagnetism of the earth. Within a few weeks the animals lost their fur and began to die. The connective tissue in their skin and internal organs showed signs of uncontrolled growth. Animals raised in a normal environment remained healthy.

These experiments clearly show that magnetic influence varies greatly. But, given the state of today’s scientific knowledge, we do not know why positive and negative sides of the magnet can have such diverse physiological effects.

Important in this context: research shows that the south pole encourages strength and life in all living systems.  This means all life forms, including invading bacteria, germs, cultures, etc.  Therefore, whenever you find any form of infection, use only the north pole—never the south. This is a very special phenomenon of magnet therapy.

The south pole face of the BIOMAGNET is positive in electrical nature and transmits a positive effect to living systems, while the energies of the north pole face, when directed to a biological system, arrests the development of life systems, maturity, growth and development.

Experimenters found that all growth in transplanted cancer cells was arrested by the application of the north pole face of the BIOMAGNET. Advanced skin cancers were arrested by application of the BIOMAGNET for 45 minutes, 3 times a day for three weeks. Within three months all signs of the cancer had been arrested or removed.

Many types of arthritis are caused by the growth of small hair-like fibers of calcium that form across the joints of thebody. Researchers discovered that a slow dissolving of this calcium deposit was noted when the north pole face was applied to affected joints for 30 to 40 minutes twice a day.

In the foregoing cases, the north pole face of the BIOMAGNET was placed directly against the skin over the affected member of the body to be treated. The South pole face should be applied in the same manner-when in use.

The north pole face was found in research to useful in the arresting of infection and inflammed gums and teeth. The BIOMAGNET was applied for 30 minutes twice a day.

It has been reported that decay in teeth has been treated in the same manner.

The South Pole may be used to treat muscle weakness.

But the South Pole should never be used in any case of infection, puss, or discharge.

We should always keep foremost in mind that the south pole of the BIOMAGNET encourages life - all life forms and this includes bacteria, viruses, and cancer   Using the south pole would make the infection far worse that it was.


Prostate problems or male sexual disfunctions have been treated by sitting against the South Pole 30 minutes a day.


Female bleeding and excessive discharge may be treated by sitting on the north pole for 30 minutes a day.


Research with animals indicates miscarriages and infertility may be treated by the repeated application of the south pole.


Limited research indicates that miscarrage can be induced in the first tri-mester by the application of the north pole of the magnet over the ovaries.


EXTREME CARE SHOULD BE USED in treating the head jaw, eyes or ears. The BIOMAGNET should not be applied to these area for more than a minute or two.


THE COMMON COLD: In research with animals (they get colds, too), it was determined that when fluids limited the breathing, the north pole was placed in the region of the nose, then the throat, then the lungs for 7 to 8 minutes to each location. This treated the bacterial infestation.

For congestion of the lungs; with no infection present, use of the south pole is indicated. It will act to expand, open and relieve the congestion and breathing.


The difference between INFECTION and CONGESTION must be noted: An infection is a condition where there is bacteria, germs, puss, inflamed and running sores. Congestion is the blockage or reduction of a passage way. A vessel may be closed or nearly closed, lungs may be filled with foreign materials thereby causing a state of congestion, but no infection may be present. A swelling that affects the passages preventing expelling of air, all may be called congestion.


Vertebrae may slip out of their proper position along the spine. Application of the North pole to the vertebrae will loosen the muscles until the vertebrae slip back into place. Then the south pole may be applied to strengthen the muscles, 30 minutes each day.


FOR BURNS: Applying the north pole directly to the burn area for 30 to 45 minutes or three times a day. This will limit the pain. If there is no infection apply the south pole to speed up the healing process.


FOR HEADACHES: Apply the south pole of the magnet to the transverse colon (just below the nave!). This is because many headaches are caused by toxicity in the colon. Application of the south pole, helps to get rid of the toxicity by stimulating colonic action.

There are many books available on the use of biomagnets and magnetic healing. You can find them at your local metaphysical book store.