HEALTH CARE!!  What are we going to do?  Obamacare isn't working except for the poor who are not puting in money into the plan.  Insurance rates are up, deductibles are insanely high, waiting times are growing longer and more and more doctors are dropping out.  What are we going to do?  I think we all want every citizen to have access to health care. If we turn it over the government with the single payer plan, we know the government is not able to run such a plan well. They will overmanage and make it as bad as it is now. For any plan to work EVERYONE has to be on it so that the costs can be spread out.  And we cannot legally force everyone to buy health insurance. Social Security works fairly well and we can legally force everyone to be on the plan.  So let's set up a health care plan, like SS, where everyone pays in proportionately to their income. It comes out of the pay check, like SS. Then the plan records all this money and holds on to it.  You buy whatever insurance you like and pay for it with the health care deductible on your record.  The insurance co is paid by the health care plan.  If your deductible does not cover you insurance payment, you pay the rest, or you have to get a lower priced plan..This way everyone pays in and everyone gets to have the insurance (and eventually the doctor) they want.  Those people who have no income will be covered by the state welfare system which will buy (at a great group rate) and manage policies for them. I cannot image any other sort of plan that could work. What this will mean is that you will have three deductibles on your paycheck - Federal and State taxes, Social Security AND the new National Health Plan.