An author's view

Rev. Dr. Rodgers is a hell of a talker, brusque, without guile. His family were Mormon converts from Minnesota who settled in Arizona to be nearer Zion. Because they couldn’t afford to buy a home in Utah.

He was active in the church from an early age, and his mission as a young man took him to Oregon and Washington, then back to Arizona.

One day the Bishop made an authoritative pronouncement, that Rodgers did not feel was supported by Mormon scripture.

“So I asked his authority and he said The Bishop's Handbook and I discovered there was this whole book of scripture that people like me didn't know anything about."
Rodgers' continued insistence that the church abide by the revelations of founder Prophet Joseph Smith riled the local authorities. He woke up one day to discover that, so far as the church was concerned, he was no longer a Mormon. Nonetheless, still feeling like a Mormon, he went back to church and signed up to began again as a novitiate.

    "And the bishop said, well that's OK, but we don't want you to talk." And that was just too much for him. So he quit the Mormon Church.

    In the late sixties he met a girl who said she wouldn't date him unless he attended a class in metaphysics. So he attended the class and discovered that metaphysics was what he had been believing all along.

    Later on, Rodgers and small group of followers set up a New Age church.

"It's a small church because we preach truth, and who in hell wants truth? Fantasy's much better. Lies and fantasy you can sell all day long. And the truth is that there is no devil, and that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Whatever happens, you choose it, if not in this lifetime, in some other."
Chief among Rodgers' subsequent record of achievements in public life was his success in forcing a repeal of the Phoenix municipal law against psychic reading, which had been on the city's statute books since 1913.

In 1992, feeling that no one else had the answers to the nation's problems, John Rodgers ran as an independent candidate for the presidency of the United States of America on the following platform:

Repeal federal income tax

Legalize recreational drugs

Pay off the national debt

Senators to be selected by state legislatures

No censorship

                       - Motel Nirvana, Melanie McGrath, 1996, HarperCollins

A student's view
The solid and impressive scholarship, incisive wit, wisdom and integrity of Dr John, the man who through many years has and still is speaking essential and crucial Truths to his students, as well as embodying this with real courage, fortitude and
sheer guts to speak "Truth to Power" when it's a hard thing to do because there's a cost (or price to be paid) in doing this.
Dr John  is a much needed fresh air (wake-up! call) to those fast asleep in their comfort zones of belief systems. Questioning and thinking are
actively encouraged by Dr John; he encourages people/his students  to think, keeping the question open.
Would that we could have more like Him in every important field of human endeavor (in science, industry, government and yes, real spiritual paths) in the pursuit and discovery of real Truths to help humanity (and all of the worthy and divine lives evolving) especially at this critical time (or juncture of transformation) on Planet Earth. 
All of us have much to learn and absorb from Dr John and then practically Apply  in ourday-to-day (daily) lives...

- J. V. a much indebted and appreciative student


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