In Hindu philosophy, the vital air controlling the intake of food and air
Acronym for Unidentified Flying Object.
A loud, protracted and rhythmic sound.  Ool - ool - ool, used by belly dancers and Arabian prostitutes.
Unarius Academy of Science/Unarius Education Foundation:
A UFO/Space Brothers organization formed by Ruth and Ernest Norman in El Cajon, CA:
Opening the circle at the end of a ritual.
The act of annointing.
(See: Afterworld; Hades; Hell; Hel; Nether regions; Tartarus
The elemental spirit who dwells in water.
A mythical horse-like creature with a twisted horn coming from his forehead. A mythical animal generally depicted as having the head and body of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and having a long tapering horn growing from the middle of its forehead. 
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO):
Unidentified flying objector spacecraft with no known human-made origin; thought to be piloted by intelligent beings from outer space or another dimension; flying saucer. The term is used generally for all reported sightings of unidentified objects in the sky. More specifically, the term UFO refers to allegedly sighted �flying saucers� or other alien spacecraft. UFO beliefs can range between innocuous speculation that extraterrestrial beings may have visited Earth to quasi-religious devotion to the alleged presence and teachings of aliens. Often these beings are believed to be non-physical (spiritual) entities who are communicating telepathically (psychically) with contactees. 
Unification Church:
Full name, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Founded in South Korea by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.  It teaches that Jesus brought only spiritual salvation; another �savior� is needed to fulfill Jesus� mission.  Rev. Moon is that Messiah  and �Lord of the Second Advent.�  
1) The doctrine that God is exclusively one person. Unlike monarchianism or modalism, which view Jesus as a manifestation of the unipersonal God, or subordinationism, which views Jesus as a secondary divine being , Unitarianism views Jesus as a mere human being.  2) The Unitarian movement that originated in late 18th-century New England and to the denominational body that merged with the Universalists in the 20th century to form the Unitarian-Universalist Association.
Unitarian Universalist Association: 
A denomination formed in 1961 by the merger of the American Unitarian Association (the principal religious body teaching Unitarianism) and the Universalist Church in America (which emphasized universalism). While the two parent denominations were rooted in liberal Christianity, the UUA does not even profess to be a specifically Christian body. Its churches exhibit an eclectic blend of liberal Christianity and humanism,
Unity School of Christianity: 
A New Thought church founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore
Unity Village: 
Unity School of Christianity headquarters in Lee�s Summit, MO.
Universal Life Church:
A controversial church founded by Bishop Kirby Hensley in Modesto, CA, as protest against the tax exemptions given to churches.  Originally it was an attempt to force the IRS to drop its exemptions for religions.  It professes no doctrines and encourages its minister and members to believe and teach whatever they choose.  Bishop Hensley proudly professed to be unable to read. 
Universal Mother Mary�s Garden:
See Mon-Ka Retreat
Universal Religion:
The belief that, since all is God, then only one reality exists, and all religions are simply different paths to that ultimate reality. The universal religion can be visualized as a mountain, with many spiritual paths to the summit. Some are hard; others easy. There is no one correct path. All paths eventually reach the top. Believers anticipate that a new universal religion which contains elements of all faiths will evolve and become generally accepted worldwide.  (See Bahai)
1) The doctrine that all people will eventually receive salvation and eternal life. Many different groups hold to universalism from various perspectives and for diverse (and sometimes opposing) reasons. This doctrine is prevalent in liberal Christianity (among both Protestants and Roman Catholics), as well as in the New Age movement and in most non-Jude0-Christian religions.  2) A movement dating from the late 18th century that originally affirmed universalism on the basis that Jesus� redemptive death paid for the sins of all people.  As universalism developed it came to affirm that people are acceptable as they are and that no atonement or redemption from sin is needed or provided.
Universe: from the Greek meaning "the whole thing"
The entire physical reality. This includes the physical, the astral  and the spiritual  There is a diversity of opinion as to whether the universe is external to God or is contained within God. Most modern New Agers believe that the universe and all reality is contained WITHIN God..
University of the Trees: 
An organization founded by Christopher Hills in Boulder Creek, CA, that promoted dowsing and other energy work.
One of the scriptures of Hinduism The inspired teachings, visions, and mystical experiences of the ancient sages of India (exceeding one hundred texts); the concluding portion of the Vedas and the basis for Vedantic philosophy. 
Ur: (originally Urim, language uncertain)
 Sumerian city-state in present-day Iraq, center of the moon god's (Nanna) cult and, in biblical tradition, the first home of Abraham   It achieved political eminence ca. 2100 to 2000 BC under the third dynasty of Ur, and became the capital of an empire administered by a vast bureaucracy and reaching into the mountain country to the east and up the Tigris and Euphrates rivers into Syria. From earlier archaeological levels come the famous royal tombs and inscriptions in a very archaic script.
Urantia Book, The:
This 2097 page book was published in 1955 by The Urantia Foundation.  It was produced through trance mediumshop of Emma Louise Christensen(1890-1982) under the guidance of Dr. William S. Sadler and friends, beginning in 1925. Allegedly, Earth�s true name is Urantia, and it is part of the universe of Nebadon (itself part of the larger universe of Orvonton) ruled by a committee. The Nebadon commission of twelve, acting under the direction of Mantutia Melchizedek, supposedly delivered portions of the book to earth. Dr. Sadler was a medical doctor and former SDA minister who disagreed with SDA founder Ellen G. White.
Urantia Foundation:
 Established in 1950. Holds the copyright on The URANTIA Book.
Urdhva-prasarita-ekapadasana: (Sanskrit) 
The balancing forward posture in yoga
Urdhva-hastatanasana: (Sanskrit)
The up-stretched arms posture in  yoga
Urim and Thummim were placed in the breastplate of the high priest (Ex. 28:30) and were used as a means of communication with God. They mean "light" and "perfection". Unfortunately, they are not described anywhere in the Bible. Some theories maintain that they were twelve stones that made up part of the High Priest's garments. The process of the communication with God is not given either.Urine Therapy
The use of urine as a healing or therapeutic agent.   See (Urine Therapy)
Divination by the observation of urine, either by its color, by its taste, by its flow patterns, or by the patterns formed when it hits the ground or in a swirling bowl.