Any form of divination that involves the use of a pendulum, including dowsing, cleidomancy, coscinomancy and dactylomancy. The term itself refers to the study of rays or the fine radiation supposedly emitted by every animated or inanimated material, and the assumption that it can be measured with radiesthetic instruments such as pendulums, rods or single-handed rods
Raëlians are members of a UFO group that follow Claude Vorilhon, a Frenchman who calls himself Raël. He claims that on December 13, 1973, he was in a volcano near Clermont-Ferrand, France, when he saw a UFO.  He says a radiant being emerged and entrusted him with a message revealing the true origin of mankind. They told him that henceforth he would be known as Raël, which means "messenger."  His followers consider him to be "the prophet of the third millennium." Raël expects is followers to support him. A 10% tithe is the norm. His followers believe he was taken to the planet of the Elohim in a flying saucer in 1975, where he was introduced to noted spiritual teachers of Earth, such as Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith and Confucius. The Elohim, small human-shaped beings with pale green skin and almond eyes, were apparently the original inspiration for the Judeo-Christian God. They informed Vorilhon that he is the final prophet -- sent to relay a message of peace and sensual meditation to humankind under his new name of Raël -- before the Elohim will return to Jerusalem in 2025.  Raël claims that the human race was created from the DNA of aliens some 25,000 years ago. (In fact, all life on earth was created in alien laboratories.) Among other things, Raël has also learned that cloning is the way to immortality and there is no God or soul. According to Raël, our alien creators want us to be beautiful and sexy and enjoy a sensuous life, free from the restrictions of traditional Judeo-Christian morality. The Raëlian headquarters are in Montreal but the group is international and claims to have some 50,000 members in 85 countries.
Rainbow Therapy:
(1) A combination  massage and Tibetan energy techniques using 9 highly anti-microbial oils developed by "Tesla" of Lead, South Dakota, designed to bring the body into a higher frequency, electrical alignment and balance. (2) Massage therapy using stones, a color-chromatherapy wand, sound, flower essences, organic essential plant oils, creative visualization, breath work and intuitive healing, developed by Laurel Gerber of Mt. Shasta, California.(3) Any of several therapies using color, chakras and/or a mixture of oils.
Raja: (Sanskrit)
King, Lord
Raja Yoga:
 See Yoga.
Ram Dass:
 (a.k.a. Richard Alpert:) New Age guru and author of Be Here Now..
Ramakrishna or Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa:(1836-86)
A Hindu mystic. He was born of a poor Brahman family in Bengal, and his given name was Gadadhar Chatterlee. In about 1855 he became a devotee of the goddess Kali and lived for the rest of his life at her temple in Dakshineswar outside Calcutta. During a 15-year period of intense spiritual practice he mastered all the types of Hindu Yoga and also had mystical experience through Christian and Islamic worship. He concluded that all religions are valid means of approaching God. Ramakrishna had little formal learning, but his saintliness and wisdom attracted a large following. After his death his teachings were spread by his disciples and by his wife Sarada Devi. Ramakrishna’s message of universal religion was carried to the West by Swami Vivekananda. The Ramakrishna Mission, founded by Vivekananda, is represented by a large monastic order in India, devoted to both contemplation and social action, and by centers in major cities of Europe and the US. Ramakrishna’s sayings are contained in The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
Hindu epic
 A 60,000-yaer-old Lemurian warrior channeled by J. Z. Knight.
A technical term used to describe the knocking sounds supposedly produced by spiritual entities in response to questions put to them during a seance
The rapture is an Christian eschatological (end times) event whereupon at the return of Jesus the true believers who are "alive and remain shall be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air..." (1 Thess. 4:17). There is much debate over the time of the rapture. Does it occur at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the tribulation period? (See Tribulation.)
 (Ras Tafari, Rastas)  An African/Jamaican religion founded by Marcus Garvey: It teaches that the late king of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, is God.
 Information given to a person by an intuitive or psychic in response to questions asked. May involve past, present and future events.
Reading, Aura:
Psychic reading of the subtle energy field around a person or object.
Reading, Shustah Card:
Reading using a deck of cards with five suits of fourteen pages. Based on ancient mystery teachings, they are used for guidance and to predict the future.
Rebirthing/Integrative Breathing:
:Precisely defined breathing technique to cleanse, clear and heal the body, mind and spirit; its purpose is to relive the moment of your first breath and release the trauma associated with it
Reconciliation is changing for the better a relationship between two or more persons. Theologically it refers to the change of relationship between God and man because of the death of Jesus.  The doctrine states that we are now able to have fellowship with God, whereas before we could not. So, we are reconciled to God. 
Recovered Memories: (See Repressed Memories)
Redaction criticism: 
:A relatively new branch of biblical literary criticism that attempts to infer the theological purposes of the “redactors” (anonymous editors, compilers, or revisers) who helped to rewrite or shape various books of the Bible (especially the Gospels) into their final form. Whereas form criticism focuses on discerning the literary form and origins of specific passages, redaction criticism focuses on the use of those passages to convey the message of the book as a whole. Redaction criticism assumes that the book in question was written using different sources that were selected and edited to emphasize or convey certain theological concepts. 
A tenet, rule, doctrine, or law.
Redemption means to pay someone's debt or ransom so that they are freed., According to some Christian doctrine we bought from spiritual prison by the price of Jesus' shed blood. 
A therapy that heals the body through massaging certain parts of the foot or hand that allegedly correspond to the major organs of the body. . Pressure applied to specific nerve endings stimulates glands and organs elsewhere in the body which helps to release toxins, improve circulation and relieve tension. Zone Therapy.
The 16th century movement initiated by Martin Luther, initially intended to correct, protest, or reform the doctrines and practices of Roman Catholicism.  Luther’s efforts (later joined and expanded by Zwingli, Bucer, Calvin and others) quickly developed into a complete break with Catholicism.  The reformers’ major doctrinal issues included a rejection of the Pope, church control of Bible translation and interpretation, a distinction in value between laity and clergy, and salvation being a product of the church and its sacraments (salvation by works). A more thorough (and in some cases unorthodox) reform occurred with the Radical Reformation—the orthodox Anabaptist movement being an example. To various degrees, virtually all Protestant denominations today share a common heritage concerning the issues of the Reformation.
Reich, Wilhelm (1897-1957):
Perhaps the only modern men to claim to have created life, he was a conventionally-trained scientist who studied medicine at Vienna University. His main theme was that sexual energy was of vital importance not only to the creation of life but to its complete fulfillment and that sexuality was "the center around which revolves the whole of social life as well as the inner life of the individual."  Reich eventually concluded that almost all sickness — including psychological ailments such as schizophrenia and depression — was the result of failing to achieve "true orgasm": complete sexual satisfaction. He was an important member of Freud's Psychoanalytic Society in Vienna, but later broke with Freud. In 1939, forced to leave Austria because of Nazi activity, he settled in New York. In 1935 he had announced that he had succeeded in producing what he called ‘bions’ from certain substances (such as coal), and that these were capable of developing into protozoa (single-cell organisms). Biologists rejected this, but Reich worked on, and in 1939 announced that the radiation given out by ‘bions’ produced: from sterilized sea sand was a hitherto unknown form of energy, which he called orgone, and described as "the basic life-stuff of the universe." In 1942 he founded the Orgone Institute, a center for development of his theory that the lack of repeated discharge of this energy through "true orgasm" led to both individual and social neuroses. Reich claimed that orgone could be measured, collected in an "orgone box", and used for the treatment of serious diseases, including cancer. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration declared it a fraud and in 1956 he was sentenced to two years imprisonment for contempt of court and violation of the Food and Drug Act: he died in prison a year later.
 is a Japanese form of an attunement. This particular ritual dates back to the early teachings of Mikao Usui and is basically the forerunner of an attunement. The Reiju has recently entered the Western Reiki world but has always been practiced in the traditional Japanese lineages such as the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (society). It does not use mantras and symbols and does not change with different levels. Reiju is given repeatedly at meetings (three times a month) in the society - it is not a one-off practice.
Reiki  Healing:
A Japanese "laying on of hands" healing technique to tap the Universal Life Energy and use it to heal and balance living beings.  It is, based on the knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is connected directly to the quality of health..
Belief that after a person dies, he returns again to the earth, inhabits a new body, and does this as many times as needed to acheive spiritual perfection. Whereas Hindus typically believe that reincarnation includes transmigration of souls between animal, plant, and even inanimate forms, New Agers believe  reincarnation is limited to human and celestial forms. Reincarnation generally assumes a doctrine of karma. The idea is the basis for the practice of attemptingpast life regression 
Religious Science:
One of the New Thought religions, founded by Ernest Holmes.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS):
Largest of all off-shoots of the LDS church. When Joseph Smith died, those who accepted Brigham Young as the Smith’s successor followed him west to Utah; they are known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Those who rejected Young and accepted Smith’s son, Joseph Smith, III, remained in Independence, Missouri, and became known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS). The doctrines of the two groups eventually became radically different. The RLDS have a slightly different version of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, and they reject the Pearl of Great Price as scripture.  The RLDS do not hold to many of the LDS distinctive doctrines, including the polygamy of the 19th century LDS Church and the LDS belief (still held) that God was once a man. In recent years the church has experienced divisions, with more conservative Restoration Branches becoming independent.  Historically, the RLDS also have had a leader who was a direct descendant of the Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, Jr.  Grant McMurray, was the first exception to this practice. 
The word repentance in the Bible is the Greek metamoia which means a change of mind)   In the NT repentance means to change the state of your mind so that you act differently. 
Restoration Branches:
A conservative split from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) that holds what they believe to be a more classical, historical RLDS understanding of basic doctrines, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. They generally view the institutionalized RLDS church as being too liberal in theology and perhaps on social issues as well.
In Christian theology, Being raised from the dead. It specifically  refers to that future time  when we shall all receive new bodies when Jesus returns at the end of time, when the last trumpet is blown  New Age :teaching: The Greek word ανάστασίς which is translated 'resurrection' in the King James translation of the Bible, means literally 'rising up'. In most usages, it would be better translated 'ascension'.  It is not the raising of the body from the grave, but rather the raising of the consciousness to a higher, spiritual level. (see Ascension)
Resurrection body:
According to Christian theology after the second coming of Jesus, we will all be brought back to life and be given a resurrected body that is not subject to death or sin. It is taught that Jesus, after his resurrection, possessed such a body - one without blood - and he was able to move about as He desired instantly and even through walls. Jesus is the only one who has received a resurrected body. That is why he is called the first-fruit from the dead
Knowledge of past events learned paranormally
Reverend Ike:
a.k.a., Frederick Eikerenkoetter, II
Right Brain Learning:
The right hemisphere of the brain is believed to be the center of intuitive and creative thought (as opposed to the rational nature of the left hemisphere). New Agers have developed a number of  "right brain learning techniques" which include meditation, yoga, and guided imagery.
Right-hand Path:
A term used for a person whose practices and philosphy are beneficial to himself and others. Opposite of left-hand path.
Righteous Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
Small polygamous, Mormon Fundamentalist splinter group of about 100 people. Founder Gerald Peterson claimed that the spirit of Rulon Allred, who founded the Corporation of the Presiding Elder of the Apostolic United Brethren, returned to restore the priesthood to him.
Rimpoche or Rinpoche (Tibetan: precious one): 
An honorific used in Tibetan Buddhism. It is used to address or describe reincarnated Tibetan lamas.
Roberts, Jane: 
Author and  channeler of spirit entity called Seth.
Robins, Anthony (or Tony): 
Business consultant, empowerment, personal transformation and motivational speaker whose theories often contain New Age philosophies.
Rodgers, Rev. Dr. John: (1937-20?)
Founder and first bishop of the New Age Community Church.
Ro-Hun Therapy:
 An energy-based, spiritually-oriented psychotherapy which aims to relieve negative thinking atterns and traumas stored in one's energy field and replace them with more effective means of living (see chi).
An alternative healing system developed by Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979), it is a stringent muscular realignment therapy. It is used mainly for back and neck problems and consists of deep massage therapy which "strips" the fascia.  It transcends chiropractic in that it is based on the notion that emotional as well as physical health depend upon being properly aligned. But in rolfing alignment must be of much more than just the spine. To be healthy, you must align your head, ankles, hips, thorax, pelvis, knees, shoulders, ears, etc., in just the right way. By being properly aligned, gravity enhances personal energy leading to a healthy body and emotional state. 
Roman Catholicism:
The  oldest Christian church in the world begun about 312 AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine.  Because of its size and scope—both in membership (about a billion people worldwide) and geographically, the actual beliefs held by devout Catholics are widespread and eclectic. One doctrine uniting all Catholics is belief that the Pope is the supreme representative of God on Earth.  Catholicism has been influenced by liberation theology, especially in parts of South America. In Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere, attempts have been made to blend Catholicism with spiritism, creating a type of Catholicism withoccult elements. In addition, since the 1960s there has been a small but significant element of charismatic Catholics who have been influenced by the larger charismatic movement. A small percentage of Catholics are doctrinally evangelical, and others (such as Matthew Fox) are part of the New Age movement. As a whole, however, the differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are still seen most clearly in the issues of the Reformation. The 16th century reformers distinguished themselves from Catholicism in two key ways. First, they saw the Bible as the sole foundation for authority (sola scriptura) rather than the Pope, church dogma or tradition. Second, the reformers taught salvation by “grace alone” (sola gracia)\,not by works.. The Roman Catholic Church claimed (and still claims) to affirm sola gracia, but teaches that grace is received and maintained by a combination of faith plus works (religious rites, sacraments, or human endeavor).
Rosary: (Latin: a rose garden)
1) a certain form of Roman Catholic prayer  in which the believer says  15 sets of ten  Hail Marys with an Our Father between each ten. 2) the set of beads used to keep count of the prayers. Related the Arab worry beads and the Hindu mala.(see Rosary)
Rosicrucian Anthroposophic League:
Break-off of Rosicrucian Fellowship in New York, NY: founded by S.R. Parchment,  
Rosicrucian Fellowship:
A major Rosicrucian organization in Oceanside, CA, founded by Max Heindel. Emphasis on astrology. See Rosicrucianism.
Rosicrucian Foundation:
Oldest Rosicrucian group in the U.S. Founded by Swinburne Clymer in Quakertown, PA.  Emphasis sexual occultism.
Rosicrucian Order - Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross (AMORC):
Largest and most successful Rosicrucian organization in the US. Founded by H. Spence Lewis and located in large headquarters in  San Jose, CA
(Literally the “Rose cross”) The name was first given to the disciples of an adept known as Christian Rosenkreuz, who supposedly  lived Germany around 1460.  He is said to be the founder of an order of mystical students whose early history is to be found in the German work, Fama Fraternitatis (1614), which has been published in several languages. The members of the Order maintained their secrecy, but traces of them have been found in various places every half century since these dates. This organization which was extremely Christian in its orientation, apparently died out around the beginning of the 19th century.  The best-known modern Rosicrucian organization, the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross (AMORC), was founded  shortly after the turn of the 20th century and derived its charter from an organization in France which evolved from an organization founded by Aliester Crowley.  There is no obvious connection between the original 17th century Rosicrucians and any modern group using the name  The first Rosicrucian society in the United States was founded in Pennsylvania in 1694. In 1909 Harvey Spencer Lewis founded The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) which now has its headquarters in San Jose, California. Lewis claimed to have been initiated into the Brotherhood in France. The AMORC is an international fraternal order that operates through a system of lodges and fosters the Rosicrucian philosophy of developing humankind's highest potentialities and psychic powers. Through study and practice, members strive for the perfection with the ultimate goal being admittance into the Lodge and the attainment of true knowledge, or cosmic consciousness. Students progress through twelve degrees of mastery, with the tenth through twelfth degrees conferred psychically, usually in the Order's temples in the East. As in Theosophy, such perfection comes only after various reincarnations, each devoted to achieving a greater oneness with the Supreme Being. Rosicrucians claim influence on Freemasonry, especially since the eighteenth Masonic degree is the Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom.
New Mexico town with a population of 45,000. It is a small ranching community, that  was a site for much of  Robert Goddard's later rocketry work. On that day, however, an object crashed nearby.  On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) allegedly announced it was an UFO, and four alien bodies were supposedly recovered from the landing site. The following day, U. S. Air Force officials stated that it was not an UFO, but a weather balloon. Since then, Roswell has been a focus of alien and conspiracy theory, rivaled only by Area 51, where the alien bodies are said to be stored. Today, UFO tourism is a major income for people around Roswell. The place has also been featured in many books, comics, movies and television series.  In 1994, the "Roswell case" was officially closed (see [http://www.af.mil/lib/roswell]), though Ray Santilli, a British film producer, produced a film in 1995 supposedly showing the autopsy of an alien from the crash.
A  form of Shiva
Rune Casting:
An ancient Nordic and Germanic oracle dating to around 800 A.D., involving the use of twenty-five ceramic tiles, each inscribed with a letter from the Viking alphabet; divination technique allowing one to tap into answers in the subconscious or higher self for insight and advice.
Symbols of ancient Norse and Germanic alphabets the symbols of which were ascribed magical properties and used mainly for charms and inscriptions, on stone, wood, metal, or bone. Perhaps derived ultimately from the Etruscan alphabet, the runic alphabet was spread throughout Europe, Russia and Britain byViking invaders, and Rune usage was at its height during the Dark Ages. There were several different systems of runes. In Britain the earliest alphabet had 24 letters divided into three groups of eight. The groups were named after Norse deities: Freya, Hagal, and Tiu. The use of runes had died out by the fifteenth century as the Roman Catholic Church eclipsed paganism. In the late nineteenth century German occultists revived interest in runes, which became associated with Teutonic racial superiority. The Nazi swastika is the runic symbol for Thor's hammer, also symbol of the Earth Mother, and the runic S symbol was used by the SS, the Nazi secret police.   There are many types of runes, alphabets of  Anglo-Saxons, and Norse, and modern Wiccan runes, are just a few. To "read" the runes, they are usually tossed randomly after deciding a subject, and then deciphered based on their positioning
Russell, Charles Taze::
Founder of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.