Pagan holiday or Wiccan sabbat celebrated in early autumn.
Macrobiotics: (Literally, the Great Life)
A healthful way to live according to the natural order of the universe. The application of this order to daily life is through a diet which affects the whole person and which is based primarily on whole grains, vegetables, beans and sea vegetables, with moderate amounts of fish, seeds and nuts.
The greater world or universe.
The Hindu  god of love, akin to the Roman Cupid
A master magician; often a mage is a scholarly and skilled practitioner who prefers that the only tools of their magick be their mind, ability, and spirit.  A priest of Zoroastrianism
Real or ritual magic, as opposed to fake or stage magic. Willful use of psychic skills to activate subtle forces to obey; use of ceremony, ritual, incantations, natural and human-made objects of correct vibrational frequency for desired outcome.
Magic Circle:
Ring drawn by occultists to protect them from the spirits and demons they call up by incantations and rituals.
Magnetic Therapy:
The great god,  Shiva
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:
Founder of Transcendental Meditation.
The conscious leaving of the body at death and total merging with the Divine.
Mahatma: (Sanskrit)
A great man.
Founder of  Jainism.
Sacramental intercourse
The name has its roots in a legendary Buddha figure. Some New Age advocates believe that the "second coming of Christ" occurred in 1977 when the  Maitreya began teaching in London.
A string of beads used as an aid for mantra repetition. Also, such a string of beads  worn as a token of one's guru. Some believe that  a mala can also protect the one who wears it.
Malcolm X: 
See Nation of Islam.
(Sanskrit - circle) A design of lines, forms and colors, usually circular, used in meditation to focus attention to a single point.
A mathematical point in Vedic astrology that arises every day a certain number of hours after sunset. Used in electional astrology or Muhurtha
Mandir: (Sanskrit)
A temple or spiritual center.
The chakra near or at the navel
A spell, a word or phrase that is to be chanted repetitively in an effort to attain mental peace, empty the mind and raise one's consciousness toward the Self or God; often called "names of God."   Mantra is a sound or set of sounds which are believed to have the unique power to restore us to a state of pristine harmony. Mantra Yoga is traditionally regarded as a complete and perfect yoga path. 
In Hindu tradition, the father of the human race
An ancient practice of taking a life's companion or long term sexual/social partner.
One of the 49 Hindu demons of the wind.
See Freemasonry.
Mass Incarnation:
An incarnation of the Christ in all of humanity. Advocates say that this incarnation is presently taking place on a planetary scale, and is not unlike the incarnation of the Cosmic Christ in the body of Jesus 2000 years ago.
1)Unreality, illusion, prakriti  2)The Hindu principle that all is an illusion and that ultimately the physical world, contacted through the conscious mind and the five senses, does not represent reality. This philosophy is also taught by A Course in Miracles.
One who intervenes, someone who conveys and conciliates. The word is used in Christian theology.  It  is not found in the O.T., but it occurs a few times in the N.T. God gave the Law to the people through a mediator, Moses.  Jesus is the mediator of a better covenant in the  N.T.
Medicine Wheel
Native American sacred circle representing the Universe and the balance of all creation. It is cast to contain, project and raise energy to transform, balance and heal.
A technique of mind control that leads to inner feelings of calm and peacefulness and may result in experiences of transcendental awareness and self-realization. The two main types of meditation are: (1) the focusing type, similar to self-hypnosis, in which the meditator focuses on a repetitive sound or chant, an image, or pattern of breathing; (2) the "opening-up" type which emphasizes the detached observation of mental events as they occur.
A psychic or sensitive living person whose body is used as a vehicle for communicating with spirits, as in a seance. Also called channels, or channelers.
Memories, Recovered: (see Memories, Repressed)
Memories, Repressed:   
A repressed memory is the memory of a traumatic event unconsciously retained in the mind, where it is said to adversely affect conscious thought, desire, and action. It is common to consciously repress unpleasant experiences. Many psychologists believe that unconscious repression of traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse or rape is a defense mechanism which backfires. The unpleasant experience is forgotten but not forgiven. It lurks beneath consciousness and allegedly causes a myriad of psychological and physical problems from bulimia to insomnia to suicide. The theory ofunconsciously repressing the memory of traumatic experiences is controversial. There is little scientific evidence to support either the notion that traumatic experiences are typically unconsciously repressed or that unconscious memories of traumatic events are significant causal factors in physical or mental illness. Most people do not forget traumatic experiences unless they are rendered unconscious at the time of the experience. No one has identified a single case where a specific traumatic experience in childhood was repressed and the repressed memory of the event, rather than the event itself, caused a specific psychiatric or physical disorder in adulthood. Often the memory that is recovered is false or greatly altered by the influences of the psychiatrist or hypnotist. Most psychologists accept as fact that it is quite common to consciously repress unpleasant experiences, even sexual abuse, and to spontaneously remember such events long afterward. Most of the controversy centers around recovered memories during repressed memory therapy (RMT). Critics of RMT maintain that many therapists are not helping patients recover repressed memories, but are suggesting and planting false memories of alien abductions of alien abduction, sexual abuse, and  satanic rituals. 
Long Stone. See Stonehenge.
See Chi, Yin and Yang, Acupuncture.
Merkabah: (also Merkabah)
Developed from Jewish mysticism: 1)the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. The Mer-Ka-Ba is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel. 2) the soul / body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports soul / body from one dimension to another.
Mesmer, Franz:
Founder of Mesmerism.
 An 18th century movement begun in France by the Austrian doctor Franz Anton Mesmer, who believed that astrological influence on humans was conveyed through a force or substance similar to magnetism.  He first began treating patients with magnets or charged fluids but quickly modified his position, theorizing that cures were actually coming from an energy or mysterious �magnetic fluid� coming from the hands, voice, or nervous system of the practitioner.  This invisible substance or magnetism was thought to be similar to electro-magnetism and was dubbed �Animal Magnetism.�  Mesmer�s pupils were later able to induce a �magnetic sleep� (trance state or hypnotic condition) in their patients. The term Mesmerism eventually became analogous with hypnosis .
(Hebrew - anointed, as a prince - an heir apparent) 1) according to Jewish tradition, a prince who would occupy the throne of David and lead the Jewish nation to become a world power  Early Christian theologians quickly noted the similarity in meaning between Messiah  and Christ and reached the conclusion that  Jesus, being a Messiah, must also have been a Christ.
Metaphysics: (Meta, after or beyond; physics, physical)
 1) a branch of philosophy exploring the fundamental nature of reality. This includes existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, possibility, and the meaning of the universe. 2) New Age usage: The practice of  magick, psychic, or spirit -  the energies or elements that are believed to be at the basis of reality, or that can be a means to understand reality...

Middle Path or Middle Way:
The descriptive term that Buddha used to describe the character of the path that led to liberation. He used it in first teaching in Deer Park.  Buddha describes the middle way as a path of moderation between the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification. This, he said, was the path of wisdom. 
Literally, this word means 1000 years. In the study of end times doctrines (eschatology) the millennium is the duration of Christ's rule over the earth. The debate has been over when the millennium would take place and what it actually is. The terms that have arisen out of this debate are premillennialism, amillennialism, and postmillennialism. Premillennialism teaches that the millennium is yet future and that upon Jesus' return he will set up the divine Kingdom of David again. Amillennialism teaches that the millennium is a figurative period and that Jesus' rule began when he first became man. Postmillennialism teaches that through the preaching of the Word of God, the world will be converted and will then usher in Christ and the kingdom of God. There are good arguments for each position.
Miller, William:
Baptist lay minister from Low Hampton, New York who was excommunicated for teachings that Christ would return in 1844. Although Miller repented after his prediction failed and opposed further speculations, his teachings gave rise to Adventism.
Mind Control:
Specific methods of brain-washing that can be employed by political or  spiritual leaders that may result in a diminished capacity for critical thinking and suppression of autonomy in their followers.  These methods are believed to involve an intense social influence conditioning program which may include a closed system of authoritarian control, manipulative, group dynamics, a system of punishment and rewards, induced dissociation or trance induction, information control, fraud, coercion, and double binds. Depending on the number and intensity of undue influence elements, and a person's own unique susceptibilities, one may experience a pseudo personality change and marked debilitation, compliance, and servitude. 
Mind Power Technique:
The process through which one can develop increased mental powers, i.e. to read  minds, see auras  and perceive the future.
Mind Sciences:
 A generic, general classification of religious groups that teach that human beings are inherently divine and that mind or thoughts are energy forms that can create and/or alter reality. Most often used in reference to the American religions formed since the middle of the 19th century, especially the New Thought Movement that denies the actuality of sin, sickness, and/or death and promotes health though mental practices.
 Originally, a second and third century heresy that teaches there is only one Person in the Godhead. While the Trinity doctrine teaches three distinct Persons, modalism maintains that one Person (usually the Father) has manifested Himself at different times under different names (Jesus/Spirit) or modes. Thus, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three names for the same Person. Originally taught in various forms by Noetus, Praxeas and Sabellius.
Founder of the world religion of Islam.
Liberation, emancipation of the soul from rebirth, same as resurection in NT.
Mother Ruth:
 See Science of Man.
View found primarily in the third century that argued that because God�s nature is one He cannot exist eternally in three Persons as the Trinitarians claimed. The two most popular forms of monarchianism were dynamic monarchianism and modalism.
The Christian teaching that God alone is the one who saves. It is opposed to synergism which teaches that God and man work together in salvation.
The metaphysical view that sees all that exists is derived from a single divine source. . Everything in the universe is seen as being made of the same etheric substance. 
The belief that there is more than one God, but only one is served and worshiped. Monolatry is a division of polytheism, 
A Christian teaching about the two natures of Jesus (See Hypostatic Union). It states that Jesus' two natures are combined into one new one. (Other ideas regarding the two natures of Christ are Nestorianism and Eutychianism.)
 The belief that there is only one God in all places at all times.  Islam is monotheistic
Moodra:  (Sanskrit) 
           1)A seal, 2) yoga postures especially with hands and face
Moon, Sun Myung:
Founder of the Unification Church.
Nickname for followers of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. Considered a derogatory term by members.
Ethics or a conduct of behavior based on an inner conviction.(see Morality)
Common name for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Mormon Fundamentalism: 
A loose collection of doctrines and practices maintained by splinter groups of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). These splinter groups attempt to adhere to the tenets of earlier LDS leaders such as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Expressions of Mormon fundamentalism usually include polygamy (discontinued by the main church in the 1890s), communal living, and the doctrine of blood atonement.
Moses: (c. 1572 -1452 BC)
Legendary founder of the Jewish religion and author of the first five books of the Bible (The Torah) (Thothmoses II - prince and high-priest of Egypt) Moses "simply means 'born of' in Egyptian, his native language.. The name normally requires another name prefixed to it, such as  Rameses (born of Ra) or Amenmosis (born of Amen) It seems very likely to us that either Moses himself or some later scribe dropped the name of an Egyptian god from the front of his name." 
Moses de Leon:
See Kabbalah.
1)A seal, 2) yoga postures especially with hands and face
See Mohammed.
Muhammad, Elijah: 
See Nation of Islam
A root trine in Vedic astrology. Especially favorable sign positions for planets. Almost as good as an exaltation
Muscle Testing:
See Applied Kinesiology.
Follower of the religion of Islam.
Myofacscial Release
A gentle hands-on physical therapy in which the therapist applies a small amount of pressure and an extremely mild form of stretching to the client's body. This releases the restrictive grip of the tight fascia, or connective tissue, thereby relieving the body's soft tissue of pain.
Mystery School:
A group of magicians and/or mystics who have gathered together to share their wisdom and secrets with each other and with new seekers. (Mystery Schools)
A word originally derived from the Greek and having a wide range of meaning in modern  religion and philosophy. A mystic may be said to be someone who has intuitions or intimations of the existence of inner and superior worlds, and who attempts to achieve conscious communion with them and the beings inhabiting these inner and invisible worlds.
From the theosophical or occult point of view,  a mystic is one who has inner convictions often based on inner vision and knowledge of the existence of spiritual and ethereal worlds of which our outer physical world is but a manifestation; and who has some inner knowledge that these worlds or planes or spheres, with their hosts of inhabitants, are intimately connected with the origin, destiny, and even present nature of the world which surrounds us.
The average mystic, however, is one who lacks the direct guidance derived from personal teaching received from a master or spiritual superior.
Age old stories of humanity's concepts about the universe, including their relationships to their deities.  They differ from legends in that they convey a deeper truth.