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A Course in Miracles (See Course in Miracles)
A Priori (Lat.)  In advance, i.e. without prior investigation or experience. 
Opposite: a posteriori = afterwards, after investigation or experience. According to  Plato, there is a kind of certainty which is certainty is the outcome of remembering anew concepts acquired in previous incarnations. Everything aprioristic is thus obtained ultimately from experience.
Aaronic Order Organization founded by Maurice Glendenning in Murry, UT:   It is a splinter group fromThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), founded in 1942 by Glendenning after he was excommunicated by the LDS Church for receiving and publishing revelations later known as the Levitical Writings.
Aaronic Priesthood (also called the priesthood of Aaron or the Levitical) the lesser of the two (or sometimes three) orders of priesthood recognized in the Latter Day Saint movement. The others are the Melchizedek and the rarely recognized Patriarchal priesthood.
Abaddon: (Hebrew for "The Destroyer"; in Greek, Apollyon) A demon described in the Bible as "the angel of the bottomless pit" (Revelation 9:11).
Abduction:  (see Alien Abduction)
Abomidible Snowman (see Bigfoot)
Aborigine: A word usually referring to the original inhabitants of Australia (also called "Abos"}They are a shamanic people who have lived in Australia for over 10,000 years.  Their term for the astral world is "The Dream Time".Ayers Rock.  an unusual rock outcrop in central Australia, is regarded as a vortex, and is regarded as sacred by the aborigines.
Abortion Artificially terminating a pregnancy before delivery. For years this has been a keystone of fundamentalist activism, the Pro-Life Movement. 
Abracadabra A magickal word of medieval times to rid illness, misfortune and demons, from the Jewish mystical tradition of Qabala. Its root is the name of the Gnostic deity Abraxas, meaning "hurt me not", and written thus: (See Abraxas)
Abraham: (Hebrew - father of many [nations]) Abraham is a figure in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran whom Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers regard as the founding patriarch of the Israelite, the Ishmaelite and the Edomite peoples. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are sometimes referred to as the "Abrahamic religions", because of the role Abraham plays in their holy books. God promised Abraham that through his offspring, all the nations of the world will come to be blessed.  Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Jews consider him father of the Israelites through his son Isaac. For Muslims, he is a prophet and the ancestor through his other son Ishmael. He is the source of the Brahmin faith in India through his second wife Keturah, after she was exiled to India.  Abraham is also a progenitor of the Semitic tribes of the Negev who trace their descent from their common ancestor Sheba.
Abraxas (also Abracax)  The Bailidian sects of Gnostics of the second century, claimed Abraxas as the name of the supreme god, and said that Jesus Christ was only a phantom sent to Eath by Abraxas.  They believed that his name contained great mysteries, as it was composed of the seven Greek letters which form the number 365, which is also the number of days in a year.  God has under his command 365 demi-gods or powers, to whom they attributed virtues, one for each day. 
Absent Healing: (also called "Distant Healing") Spiritual healing practiced when the patient is not present. In many instances it is similar to prayer.   It is possible to transmit healing energies over  anydistance and this form of healing, practiced by groups or individuals, can be very effective.   The patients may or may not be aware that this healing has been undertaken for them but may obtain much benefit from it, coming as it does from the love and concern that their friends and relatives have for them.  Groups of Healers join together on a regular basis for the purpose of Absent Healing.   Absent Healing can meet the needs of those people who are unable to receive contact healing  for one reason or another.
Absolution This refers to the pronouncement of God's forgiveness of sins. In the various Catholic, Lutheran and Reformed churches, the penitent makes a confession of all mortal sins to a priest. The priest then offers forgiveness in the name of the Trinity, on behalf of the Church.
Abyss: (Greek- bottomless)   1)The formless chaos from which matter and spirit were formed,  2) The bottomless pit (or deep) of the ancient cosmologies. 3) The final place of punishment of the wicked. mystic Christianity.. 3) The abode of evil powers (Christian)
Actaeon:  1) legendary hunter turned into a stag by the Goddess Diana.
2) Stag-horned god of the forest
Activation, Law of, The principle that individual development is possible only through self-initiated conscious activity.
Active Consciousness: The ability of consciousness to let dynamis act through it.  The self-active consciousness that becomes possible through evolution. Having active consciousness the monads themselves initiate their consciousness expressions. In the vegetable and animal kingdoms this activation occurs in groups (through group-souls). In the human kingdom consciousness becomes more and more self-active
Actualism A New Age teaching similar to panentheism, according to which all human beings possess divine Christ-consciousness and are united with the Mother-Father-Creator God.
Actualized Consciousness Awakened, functioning consciousness. Actualized consciousness goes through different degrees of activation: passive, active, self-active.
Acumassage:  Massage of the acupressure points 
Acupoint: An acupressure point..
Acupressure Oriental healing system using direct finger pressure to specific tension spots to reduce stress and pain and affect healing. Also called Shiatsu massage and Reflexology
Acupuncture An ancient Chinese medical system over 5000 years old, recently revived in China and becoming popular in the West.  It deals with subtle energy paths (ch'i) in the body related to the comic principles of Yin and Yang.  The balance of these energies in the human body affects health and disease.  Acupuncture therapy alters these energy flows by inserting fine needles at key pressure points, for varying periods of time. Anæsthesia for surgery can also be effected by acupuncture.
Adam & Eve According to Qabala, Christ, the Logos, the only begotten son of God as found in Genesis 1:1, not to be confused with  the emanations of Adam Kadom (also called Adam or Eden) as found in Genesis 2 (consciousness) or Genesis 3  (matter and life) or Genesis 4(humanity)
Adam Kadmon According to Qabala, Christ, the Logos, the only begotten son of God as found in Genesis 1:1, not to be confused with  the emanations of Adam Kadom (also called Adam or Eden) as found in Genesis 2 (consciousness) or Genesis 3  (matter and life) or Genesis 4(humanity)
Adept: An esoteric master.  An individual highly experienced and skilled in occult wisdom or  magickal craft, as a result of the study of various mystical techniques and philosophies. An initiate that has willfully achieved the highest attainment in the mastery of the occult sciences and powers. Adepts often take on students or chelas,  in which case, the adept is known as a  masters.  The chela must first accomplish self-denial and self-development in order to become  worthy to become a chela. .  The activities of adepts are diverse, being concern with the direction and guidance of the activities of the rest of mankind. According to Theosophy, their knowledge, like their powers, far surpasses that of man, and they can control forces both in the spiritual and physical dominion, and are said to be able to prolong their lives for centuries.  In alchemical lore there are always eleven adepts. The term adept was also employed by medieval magicians and alchemists to denote a master of their sciences. (See Mahatma.)
Adiaphora Teachings and practices that are neither commanded nor forbidden in the Bible.  An example might be whether or not to engage in birth control, whether or not to wear white clothes church, or to meet in a tent or a building.
Adjuration A formula used in conjuring or exorcising spirits, by which the spirit is commanded in the name of the Christian God, to do or say what the magician or exorcist dem
Adonai One of the names of God created to substitute for the word JHVH. It is the plural of Adonis, the Greek savior-god perhaps because the first name of God in Genesis is Elohim, which is also plural, JHVH (Adonai) is traditionally translated Lord.
Adoptionism:  Adoptionism is a doctrine still held by  a minority of Christians. In this teaching, Jesus was born as an ordinary human but he became divine later in his life. According to these teachings, Jesus earned the title Christ through his sinless devotion to the will of God, thereby becoming the perfect sacrifice to redeem humanity. Adoptionists typically portray two key points in Jesus' life as stages in Jesus'translation: his baptism and his resurrection. They consider that God gave Jesus his miraculous power and divine authority after Jesus proved his holiness. Adoptionism was held by many early Christians. Many New Agers hold a similar teaching: that Jesus so loved the Christ (the only begotten son of God), that he surrendered himself to the Christ and was thus ensouled aby the Christ, becoming Jesus Christ.  This is similar to the myth of Orpheus Bacchus
Advaita Vedanta A sub-school of the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy. Advaita (literally, non-duality)is often called a monistic  system of thought. The word "Advaita" essentially refers to the identity of the Self (Atman)and the Whole (Brahman)  The key source texts for all schools of  are the Prasthanatrayi – the canonical texts consisting of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutras. The first person to explicitly consolidate the principles of Advaita Vedanta was Adi Shankara
Advent (Latin -adventus, meaning "coming")  A season of the Catholic and Protestant Christian churches, the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of  the birth of Jesus,  in other words, the period immediately preceding Christmas. 
Adventism A,widespread trans-denominational movement inspired by William Miller's prediction that Jesus' "advent" (return) would take place in 1844. Even after the Great Disappointment (the date's failure), many people in the movement continued to believe. Some suggested revised chronologies and new dates, eventually forming groups such as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Others, notably Hiram Edson and Ellen G. White, suggested that the 1844 date was accurate but that a heavenly (thus invisible) event had taken place. Their teachings became the basis of  the Seventh-DayAdventists, which eventually spawned its own offshoots, including Armstrongism and the Branch Davidians.
Aeon (from the Greek aeon,--meaning "an age", "forever") In many Gnostic systems, the various emanations of God, are called aeons. Aeons bear a number of similarities to Judaeo-Christian angels, including their roles as servants and emanations of God, and their existence as beings of light. In fact, certain Gnostic angels were known as Aeons.
Aeromancy Divination by the stars, not to be confused with astrology.
Aesir: (Old Norse-- plural of aess) The term denoting one of the principal gods of the pantheon of Norse Paganism.  They include many of the major figures, such as Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Tyr
Aetherius Society An organization founded by Sir George King the combines UFOs and the occult
Ætite: In the magico-medical tradition of Europe and the Near East, the aetites or aetite  is a stone used to promote childbirth.  It is also called an eagle-stone,aquiline, or aquilaeus. The stone is said to prevent spontaneous abortion and premature delivery, while shortening labor and parturation for a full-term birth.
Affirmation: A positive statement of being affirming or asserting something in order to help manifest it in the physical world
Afrit: efreet, ifreet, afrit, afreet (Arabic)  a class of infernal jinn,  spirits below the level of angels and devils, noted for their strength and cunning. An ifrit is an enormous winged creature of fire, either female or male, who lives underground and frequents ruins. According to some, Ifrits live in a society structured along ancient Arab tribal lines, complete with kings, tribes, and clans. Ifrits generally marry one another, but they can also marry humans. While ordinary weapons and forces have no power over them, they are susceptible to magic, which humans can use to kill them or to capture and enslave them. As with the jinn, an ifrit  is most often depicted as a wicked and ruthless being
Afterlife: The life after death, the spirit world. the astral world. etc.
Agape (Ancient Greek) the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man. Not to be confused with philia – brotherly love - a universal, unconditional love that transcends all circumstances.
Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti, or Agarta) a legendary city said to be located in the Earth's core. It is related to the belief in a hollow Earth and is a popular subject in esotericism. Nineteenth- century French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre published the first account of Agartha in Europe.  Agartha is frequently associated or confused with Shambhala which figures prominently in Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Kalachakra teachings and revived in the West by Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. Theosophists in particular regard Agarthias a vast complex of caves underneath Tibet inhabited by evil demons called asuras
Agasha Temple of Wisdom An organization founded by channel and author William Eisen in Los Angeles, CA which teaches the universal consciousness of god, reincarnation, pyramidology, and the Ascended Masters.
Age A period of time in astrology. Time is divided into units called ages which correspond to the signs of the zodiac, each age lasting from 2000 to 2400 years. This progression outlines the evolution of the universe and mankind. We are now moving from the age of Pisces into the one associated with Aquarius
Age Regression Recalling under hypnosis or in meditation events from one’s present or past life.
Agent  A person sending a telepathic message
Aggregate Envelope All forms of nature are envelopes for monads. All forms except organisms of the physical world are aggregate envelopes, molecules of the kinds of matter of the respective worlds held together electro-magnetically
Agharti:   See Shamballah,  Shangri-La
Agnosticism The claim that no one has knowledge of God or the origin of the universe. Some agnostics make the claim on a personal level, while allowing that such knowledge may exist but has never been known by themselves. Others assert that such knowledge cannot be had by anyone. Agnostics avoid the charge of dogmatic atheism by acknowledging the theoretical possibility of God’s existence. Yet virtually all live as if the non-existence of God was an established fact, and are thus> practical atheists.
Agrippa, Cornelius (1486-1535)   A German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer and alchemist. Of course, in the fifteenth century all these pursuits were part of the field of science. Agrippa never rejected magick in its totality, but he did retract his early manuscript of the Occult Philosophy and replaced it with a new one. He said: "Nothing is concealed from the wise and sensible, while the unbelieving and unworthy cannot learn the secrets." He emphasized: "All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other's power." This is known as the law of resonance.
Ahriman Thought to be the first personification of "the Devil", Ahriman ( Arimanius or Angra Mainya) prominent enemy of Ahura Mazda (Ohrmazd or Oromasdes). In ancient Persian religion (Zoroastrianism)Ahriman is because Zoroastrians like Christians believed in a completely dualistic form of religion.
Aikido (Japanese - The way of harmony with life energy)  A modern Japanese martial art
Air 1) One of the four elements of astrology (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, associated with mental energy) .
2) One of the four creative elements of ritual magick, associated with the east and with the ritual wand.
Airts (Gaelic, four) The four points of the compass; north, south, east and west. The traditional colors Gaelics  attributed to them are: the east-the crimson of dawn; the south- the white light of high noon; the west- the brownish gray of twilight, and the north- the black of midnight. 
Aisling (Celtic)A dream or vision
Aiwass (Coptic- Eiwasu) a mysterious being summoned byAleister Crowley and his former mentor. It is called under the code-name of Dragon, but also refers to itself as something similar to an angel. It is referred to by others as an extraterrestrial life form," a holy Guardian Angel," and the true person who holds the secrets to modern western magick
Agon Buddhism A sect of Buddhism that uses the Agon Sutras as scriptures.
Aka (Hawaiian) The cord between the astral body and the physical body. This concept is similar to the biblical reference to a "silver cord" connected the body and the soul.
Akasha (Sanskrit) The fifth and causal plane of existence. Akasha represents the power of spirit found in all things of the universe. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the all-pervasive life principle or space of the universe. Hindu philosophy interprets the Akasha as the ether, the fifth and subtlest element which permeates the universe. In Buddhism the Akasha is space, both space bounded by the material world and a form of space that is unlimited and indefinable, which contains the material world. The concept was introduced to the West in the early twentieth century by Helena P. Blavatsky, co-fpunder of the Theosophical Society, who likened the Akasha to other interpretations of the universal life force occultists through the ages, such as the quintessence,  that luminous fifth element (invisible to ordinary sight) which was seen as binding together in union or pact the other four elements. According to Blavatsky, the Akasha forms the arruvia mundiand constitutes the soul and animal spirit of mankind.
Akashic Records Edgar Cayce's concept which states that somewhere there is a universal hall of data about past lives, magic, healing, and spirituality.  It does not exist on the physical plane but rather on a more  psychic  level. Some believe it can be accessed on the astral plane, others feel it can only be accessed through a visualization journey in the mind. The akashic records can be reached with emotional clairvoyance.  They do not contain the past of the planet, but what people in all times have believed about this past.  The real akasha, the akasha of the planetary hierarchy, is on a higher level and, according to Theosophy, are the historical records of all world events and   personal experiences of all thoughts and deeds that have taken place or ever will take place, on the earth. These are indelibly imprinted upon the Akasha and may under normal circumstances be read only by adepts or initiates. 
Akhenaton (Egyptian, "he who acts effectively for the invisible solar disk") Pharaoh of Egypt ca. 1350 to 1334 BC, oftencalled (erroneously) the first monotheist of recorded history. He first came to the throne as Amenhotep IV and worshiped traditional gods. However, after his fourth year, he elevated a minor deity, the Aton, i.e., the "disk of the sun" (a form of the sun god, Re), to the position of state god of Egypt and changed his name to Akhenaton to reflect his devotion to that deity. His pantheon consisted of a trinity that included the Aton, Akhenaton, and Nefertiti (also the name of his wife), which was the focus of popular worship. While Akhenaton was worshiped as the unique son of the Aton, Nefertiti was celebrated for her fertility. Common people were excluded from worshiping the Aton itself. Egyptians could worship only the royal couple; the couple in turn worshiped the sun disk. The new religion was maintained by Akhenaton's popular appeal as king, but it quickly passed away after his death. Akhenaton's motives in promulgating his beliefs were political and religious, since he elevated himself to the status of a god higher than customary for an Egyptian king. Akhenaton's religion recognized both Egyptians and foreigners as equal beneficiaries of the same god, and it overturned established conventions in Egyptian language and art.
Alamo Christian Foundation A Christian organization founded by Tony Alamo, who has been imprisoned by authorities for his illegal activities. Teaches that traditional Christianity is dead.  Former followers have reported deplorable living conditions,  mind control, and slave labor.
Albertus Magus (1193/1206 – November 15, 1280)  Also known as Saint Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne, he was a Dominican friar and bishop who achieved fame for his comprehensive knowledge of and advocacy for the peaceful coexistence of science and religion.  He is considered to be the greatest German philosopher and theologian of the Middle Ages. He was the first among medieval scholars to apply Aristotle's philosophy to Christian thought. The Roman Catholic Church honors him as a Doctor of the Church, one of only 33 persons with that honor. Albertus is frequently mentioned by Dante who made his doctrine of free will the basis of his ethical system. Albertus wrote much on the seeming conflict between predictive astrology and man's "free will". Concluding that "the stars impel but do not compel."
Albigenses Members of a Cathar Christian group insouthern France flourishing primarily in the 12th and 13th centuries.  They taught a dualistic system of material evil and spiritual good. Thse two principles were represented by God and the Evil One, light and dark, the soul and the body, the next life and this life, peace and war, etc.. They believed that Jesus only seemed to have a human body. Rome waged bloody persecutions against the for centuries, almost completely wiping them out. (see Manichaeism; Bogomils).
Alchemy: An early precursor of chemistry, it is
1)an ancient form of physics which, during the middle ages, was used by practitioners to make lead turn into gold, transmuting (dissolving and combining) base metals to form gold though esoteric chemical  processes.
2) Today, it is seen as a mystical transformation through various mystical techniques. A system of metaphysics which raises the consciousness
Alexander Technique: A dynamic posture development technique created by Frederick Alexander in the beginning of the 20th century.
Alexandrian Tradition A school of Wicca based on the teachings of Alex Sanders.
Alien An intelligent being of extraterrestrial origin; non-human. A visitor from another planet, another world or dimension. Eyewitnesses report a number of different types of alien creatures; in fact, they vary in almost every imaginable way. These reports have been around for centuries, but the number of sightings have increase dramatically since the first flying saucers were seen in the late 1940's. And the aliens come in a baffling variety of shapes and sizes. Surprisingly, however, the aliens themselves are not so very different from human beings — most have two arms, two legs, and one head. For this reason some ufologists doubt their existence: surely, they say, visitors from outer space would not look so much like ourselves. The late  Carl Sagan , astronomer and author of ' The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective ', believes that the aliens sighted were "stodgy in their unimaginativeness" and were hence the inhabitants of human minds, not extraterrestrial spaceships. But whatever the experts may say, close encounters of the third kind continue to be reported till this day. (See alien abductions, alien autopsy, men in black, UFO, area 51, flying saucer, grays) 
Alien Abduction: Kidnapping by non-human beings. The first reported claim of alien abduction was in Brazil in 1957 and since then there have been reports from all over the Western world— in Europe including the UK, Australia, South Africa, Russia, and North America. Although people’s experiences vary quite widely, the following features recur:
1) Via light, especially a beam which draws the person up, and sometimes vibration.
2) A spacecraft of some kind.
3) Humanoid beings, especially small gray ones with large black eyes, who communicate by telepathy and peform medical tests  and remove eggs or sperm  to produce human/alien offspring.
4) Lost periods of time and inexplicable small wounds.
Very few accounts are complete but sometimes the full story is recovered through hypnosis.
Alignment Synchronization of mental and spiritual vibrations with a god, goddess, or astronomical body. Often the complete balance and centering of the chakras is called an alignment.
Alilat (See Allat)
Allah The Islamic name for the deity. The Babylonian goddess Alla-tu was worshipped at the Kaaba in Mecca before Islam.  Allah still is associated with the crescent moon of the lunar goddess.
Allat One of the three goddesses in ancient Saudi Arabia, before Muhammad. Allat was thought to be a large sacred stone, in a square shape that was kept in a wooden box, with jewels underneath it. Allat was known to the Greek historian Herotodus as "Alilat"...The valley of Wajj was considered sacred to her and no trees were allowed to be cut. Her worshippers placed cloths and gift offerings on the stone, as part of elaborate religious ceremony.
Alleluya The Western  term for for the ululation used in funerals and other religious celebrations in the Near East.
Allopathy Modern medicine as distinguished from the traditional homeopathy. The term "allopathy" was invented by German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He conjoined allos "opposite" and pathos "suffering" as a referent to harsh medical practices of his era which included bleeding, purging, vomiting and the administration of highly toxic drugs. Physicians attempted to correct symptoms by treating them with "opposites." For instance, fever is treated by attempting  to "cool" the patient.
All-Power A name for the one great power life source, i.e. God, the Deity. 
Alpeno According to the Strega, one of the Grigori, The Watchers. guardian of the Eastern portal between the worlds
Alpha Wave  
Alpha and Omega  
Altar The center of worship in a church or synagogue.  A small working area and shrine many pagans maintain, where they perform most of their ritual and spell wor
Altar Cloth A plain or decorated cloth used to cover the altar.
Altered State of Consciousness  a trance induced through hypnosis, meditation, drugs (including hallucinogenics), visualization, etc.  State of being in which one allows the subconscious to take control and guide.  In this state, one’s vulnerability to suggestion or susceptibility may be heightened.
Alternative Medicine: See Holistic Health.
American Atheists Inc An organization founded by Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, in Austin, TX:  It advocates strict separation of church and state, and actively opposes church influence on society. Ms. O'Hair and two children disappeared in 1994 with a sizeable portion of the organization's assets. It is generally believed they were murdered.
Amen Hebrew term translated "So may it be."   Probably comes from the Egyptian god of the same name.
Amillennialism The Christian teaching that there is no literal 1000 year reign of Christ. It sees the 1000 year period spoken of in Revelation 20 as figurative. Instead, it teaches that we are in the millennium now, and that at the return of Christ there will be the final judgment and the heavens and the earth will then be destroyed and remade
AMOM See Ancient Mystic Order of Malchizedek.
AMORC See Rosicrucian Order
Amphictyony In ancient Greece, a league connected with maintaining a temple or shrine. There were a number of these, but by far the most important was the Great Amphictyony, a league originally of 12 tribes  organized around the Oracle at Delphi, . It had meetings in the spring at the temple of Demeter at Anthela near Thermopylae and in the autumn at Delphi. The Amphictyonic Council passed legislation regarding religious matters and had power to declare a sacred war against an offender. By the 6th century B.C. the religious organization had begun to have political influ
Amrita (Sanskrit,  "immortality"etymologically related to the Greek ambrosia) The nectar of the gods.  The word's earliest occurrence is in the Rigveda where it is one of several synonyms for the drink which confers immortality upon the gods
Amulet 1) An object of protection that has been charged with mystic energies through ritual or meditation to deflect negative energies. Made of feathers, plants, beads, stone, etc. 
2.) A natural object which is reported to give protection for the carrier. Amulets are such things as stones or fossils and one not to be confused with man-made talismans. Stones with natural holes have always been  popular for amulets. 
Anabaptist A Christian who believes that baptism is only valid when the candidate confesses his or her faith in Christ and wants to be baptized. This belief is opposed to baptism of infants, who are not able to make a conscious decision. Conrad Grebel and Felix Mantz were the early 'leaders' of the movement. in the early 16th century.
Anagarika A term used in  Buddhism t refer to the lay attendant of a monk. The monastic rules of Vinaya restrict monks from many tasks that might be needed, including the use of money, or driving to another location, so lay attendants help bridge this gap. 
Ananda Marga An organization headquartered in Denver, CO: It teaches the philosophy and deities of Hinduism, emphasizing meditation and yoga.
Anathema ( Greek) A New Testament curse or denunciation, invoking God, normally applied to an evil or heretical doctrine or person.
Anatman (Sanskrit):Anatta (Pali) This term refers to the notion of "not-self". In the beginning Buddha commonly used the word teaching that all things perceived by the senses (including the mental sense) are not really "I" or "mine", but are the properties of matter, and for this reason one should not cling to them.
Ancestral Land Taoist term for third eye.
Ancestress, The The Goddess as old Grandmother or Wise Women
Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross See Rosicrucian Order
Ancient Astronauts Travellers from other planets who allegedly visited Earth in spaceships in ancient times.  This theory claims to explain Fortean  mysteries and the evidence of ancient sophisticated technology, and primitive societies feats of engineering. Ancient astronaut writers say also that Man did not evolve only from earthly beings like Adam and Eve. A mis-reading of Genesis leads one to believe that a second strain not from this world but from a 'heavenly source', was added to the human gene-pool (Genesis chapter 6).  Devotees of this theory like to quote the myths and legends of ancient or primitive peoples in an attempt to justify their case. According to the folklore and mythology of many peoples, the gods gave fire and the skills of agriculture to mankind. However, this fact alone does not mean that the gods of the ancients were extraterrestrial beings, and that our ancestors were so simple minded that they could not have discovered these things by themselves. In 1968 Erich von Däniken published a book,  Chariots of the Gods?,  in which he argued the ancient astronauts theory, presenting supposedly 'proof' of his claims. Zecharia Sitchin is a more modern author who claims to translated ancient Sumerian manuscripts which tell the story of Ancient Astronauts.
Ancient Mystic Order
of Melchizedek
An organization founded by Malachi Z. York, in Eatonton, GA: Also known as AMOM, Nuwaubians, the Nubian Nation of Moors, Right Knowledge.  A UFO group whose leader, (a.k.a. Dwight York) claims to be from the 19th galaxy, called Illyuwn. A 1993 FBI report calls the group a "front for a wide range of criminal activity, including arson, welfare fraud and extortion." York’s group has also operated under other names and organizations including the Nubian Islaamic [sic] Hebrew Mission, the Ansaaru Allah Community, (an Islamic sect with doctrines similar to Nation of Islam), and the Original Tents of Kedar.
Ancient Ones A concept derived from the fiction of  H. P. Lovecraft..They are the ancient gods of the Darkness, before Light existed. According to Lovecraft and his followers, they were slain  or imprisoned in the eternal Abyss by the Elder Gods, gods of  the Sumerian people. From their blood was the race of man created and from the fluids of the serpent Tiamat (Genesis 1:2) were the heavens, the stars and the Earth created. The Ancient Ones keep watch over the gates of the abyss, forever seeking enterance into our world, so that they may rule the Earth. There are evil magicians who seek to rouse the Ancient Ones and  the dreaded Cthulhu, and grant them access to our world.
Anderson, Victor (1917 - 2001) Co-founder of Faery Tradtion of Wicca with Gwydion Pendderwen n the 1960s and 70s. Born in Clayton, New Mexico. After several years of meeting on the astral plane, Victor met his wife, Cora in person in Bend, Oregon in 1944. Recognizing each other immediately, they married three days later.
Androgyne A being having the properties of both sexes, a hermaphrodite
Angel: A spiritual being, especially in Persian, Jewish, Christian and Islamic theologies, that is commonly portrayed as being winged and as serving as God's messengers..  The spiritual guide of an individual. The modern Christian idea of angels comes to us from the Gnostics and Persians.
Angel of the Presence Also known as "Solar Angel". The solar level of a human being, holding the presence of God, and at one with the angelic kingdom
Angelical Stone A stone used for scrying by Dr. John Dee. He claimed it was given to him by the angels Raphael and Gabriel. It is now lodged in the British Museum.
Anima Jung) Personification of the masculine nature of a woman's unconscious
Anima Mundi (Latin: The soul of the world)  An old esoteric term meaning the collective consciousness of all life on the planet or sometimes all life in the universe.
Animal Kingdom The third natural kingdom of evolution. In the animal kingdom the monads have principally physical and emotional consciousness. Between incarnations they are enclosed in common envelopes of mental matter, so-called group-souls. The higher up the scale of evolution an animal is, the fewer are the monads that go to its group
Animal Magnetism See Mesmerism.
Animal Monad During its evolution in the animal kingdom the monad is called animal monad. The vegetable monads become animal monads through acquiring emotional consciousness. 
Animism The belief that all things in the universe are inherently invested with a life force, soul, or consciousness. This belief is an important component of many primitive religio
Animus: (Jung) Personification of the masculine nature of a woman's unconscious
Ankh: (Egyptian- Life)The ancient Egyptian "looped cross".  It signifies eternal life.
Annihilationism Taught by most Adventist groups, and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, this doctrine denies the conscious, eternal punishment of the lost.  Instead, humans who do not receive eternal life will be destroyed and cease to exist
Annikki  (see Anitya)
Anointing Anointing can mean many things. From ancient times, oil has been used for healing.  Among Jews annointing is used by God to  appoint someone to be a priest, prophet and king. Many Jews have looked forward to a very special “anointed one,” (in Hebrew Messiah), will come to reign over Israel.  Christians Have taken the Greek word (Christos, which can be used to mean the same as Messiah) and use it as a title for their savior/god Jesus.
Antahkarana (Sanskirt) The inner organ, the channel for energy and consciousness which the evolutionary monad builds through its own activity between its triad units and envelopes as a ladder to climb up to ever higher consciousness and ability. The antahkarana has its lowest anchorage in the crown centre of the etheric envelope
Anthropomancy: A form of divination using the entrails of a human who has been ritualistically sacrificed
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Antichrist: 1) In the Bible, a code-word for the Emperor of Rome. His number was 666 -  latienos, that Latin man - 2) any figure who opposed  Christianity.
3) According to the Jesus Cult, the word is used to describe a  specific future person who actively opposes and when he arrives, he will be able to perform miracles. Some believe he will be an incarnation of Satan and as such will be able to deceive many. 
Antinomianism: (Greek anti, against - nomos, law) It is practice of  using God's grace as a license to sin, and trusting grace to cleanse of sin. In other words, since grace is infinite and we are saved by grace, then we can sin all we want and still be saved.  Paul speaks against the concept of antinomianism in Romans 6:1-2: "Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?". 
Antipathy: In Astrology, disharmony between two planets that rule or are exalted in opposite signs in astrology. For example, the Sun which rules Leo has an antipathy for Uranus which rules the opposite sign Aquarius
Anubis: (Greek form of the Egyptian Anpu) 
1)Egyptian deity with the head of a jackal or dog and the body of a human. He leads the souls of the dead to the underworld and helps Osiris at his final judgment. Anubis' particular concern is with the funeral cult and the care of the dead, and, Anubis is often considered the inventor of embalming. Considered benevolent and good, Anubis was present in the underworld (Duat) at the weighing of the dead person's soul, and was also at home in the heavenly sky realms of Ra. Anubis was worshipped at  Abydos and was also worshiped at Lycopolis and other cities.  
2) New Age term for that unconscious part of the mind that judges and condemns
Aperture of Brahma: (Sanskrit - brahmarandhra) According to Hindu teachings, the spot on top of the head where the consciousness departs from the body at death. Also the connecting link between spirit and astral body.
Aphrodite (Greek - sea foam) Greek goddess of beauty and love who rose from the sea. The Roman Venus
Apis: Bull headed Egyptian deity. In Greek he is called Epaphus.
Apocalypse:  From the Greek word apokalypsis, meaning "revelation, disclosure, or unveiling," the term apocalypse refers in the Bible to the final battle in human history through God will judge the world.  Central in biblical apocalyptic literature is the Revelation to John (sometimes called The Apocalypse). A common feature of many pseudo-Christian groups is their attempts to predict the date of the apocalypse. Also called Armageddon.
Apocrypha  (Greek: hidden)  It is used in a general sense to describe a list of books written by Jews between 300 and 100 B.C. More specifically, it is used of the seven additional books accepted by the Catholic church as being scriptural.  The entire list of books of the apocrypha are: 1 and 2 Esdras, Tobit, Judith, the Rest of Esther, the Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, (also titled Ecclesiasticus), Baruch, The Letter of Jeremiah, Song of the Three Young Men, Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, The Additions to Daniel, The Prayer of Manasseh, and 1 and 2 Maccabees.   The books accepted as inspired and included in the Catholic Bible are Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon Sirach (also known as Ecclesiasticus), and Baruch.    The Jews never recognized these books as being canonical (inspired). There is no record that Jesus or the apostles ever quoted from the apocryphal books. The Septuagint (LXX) includes the books, not as scripture, but as part of the translation of the Hebrew manuscripts as a whole.
Apoklima  (Sanskrit)The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses of the astrology chart
Apollo Greek Sun god, chief physician of life and father of the Muses
Apollinarism (or Apollinarianism) A view proposed byApollinaris of Laodicea (died 390) thatJesus could not have had a human mind; rather, Jesus had a human body and lower soul (the seat of the emotions) but a divine mind.  The Dpctrine of the Trinity had been recognized at the Council of Nicea in 325, but debate about exactly what it meant continued. A rival to the more common belief that Jesus Christ had two natures was monophysitism ("one nature"), the doctrine that Christ had only one nature. Apollinarism and Eutychianism were two forms of monophysitism. Apollinaris' rejection that Christ had a human mind was considered an over-reaction to Arianism and its teaching that Christ was not divine.
Apollyon The Greek name of Abaddon, a major demon, sometimes portrayed as a form of Satan.
Apologetics (Greek apologia, - to make a defense) The process of explaining or arguing for your position.  It is used primarily to describe Christians giving reasons why Christianity is the true religion. 
Apostasy (Greek apostasis - rebellion or falling away, and Latin apostasia - abandonment) A renunciation of the Christian faith. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society applies the label apostate to former Jehovah's Witnesses, who are then shunned by all Witnesses in good standing. The LDS church and others have similar, but less extreme, practices
Apostate One who has committed apostasy, who has  betrayed, deserted or is not faithful to  his religion
Apostle (Greek apostolos, someone sent with a special message or commission.) Jesus is called an apostle in Hebrews 3:1. The term apostle refers to 1) those leaders of the early Christian church who were chosen by Jesus. The twelve apostles of Jesus were Simon Peter, Andrew, James the son of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas Iscariot. Paul became an apostle after Jesus' resurrection along with Barnabas and others.   2) Members of the top quorum of leadership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Apostolic Churches A branch of Pentecostalism including several denominations as well as independent churches with the name "Apostolic"; many (but not all) Apostolic churches adhere to Oneness Pentecostalism.
Apparition A thing that is not physically real caused by hallucinations or mental instability. The disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person, the ghostly double of a living person. A being appearing to be located in two distinct places at the same instant in time
Applewhite, Marshall See Heaven’s Gate.
Applied Kinesiology A diagnostic technique sometimes called “muscle testing.” Often patients hold health care products (vitamins, herbs, etc) in their hand while the practitioner pulls or “tests” the reciprocal strength in the finger, arm, etc. to determine the effectiveness or dosage of the remedy.
Apport An object ( such as a piece of jewelry, money, stone, flowers, even live animals) which are said to have been materialized out of nothing, or transported from another place, by a medium. Some of these appear to be exactly as claimed, but many were later exposed as frauds.
Apulieus, Lucius (123 AD -170 AD) Author ofThe Golden Ass, one of the most famous romances in the world, contains the story of Cupid and Psyche.The Golden Ass;is a romance of witchcraft and illustrates the beliefs which were held about witches in pre-Christian times. 
Aquarian Age The New Age which begins (according to various calculations) between January 1, 1981 and May 5, 2012.  Many New Agers believe the Aquarian Age will be characterized by a heightened degree of spiritual or cosmic consciousness. 
The Aquarian Conspiracy Best-selling book by Marilyn Ferguson, documenting and advocating the widespread growth of the New Age movement.
Aquarian Educational Group An educational organization in Sedona AZ, publishing the works of Torkom Saraydarian, Sedona, AZ: Based on the Bhagavad Gita and the writing of Alice A. Bailey.
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ Book written by Levi H. Dowling, aNew Age, apocryphal story of Jesus supposedly based on the Akashic Records.
Aquarian Tabernacle Church A Wiccan-based church formed in Washington  in 1979 by Pete "Pathfinder" Davis. It  grew into the first Wiccan church with full legal status and recognition by the governments of three nations. ATC  has many affiliated groups sharing the benefits and protections of the ATC recognition "umbrella" through its unique group exemption from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service .
Arachne (Greek =the spider) Reputed 13th sign of the zodiac, between Taurus, and Gemini, governing intuition
Aradia 1) The Italian daughter of the goddess Diana and Lucifer (Roman Sun God), considered Queen of the Witches. 
2) A book,Aradia, Gospel of the Witches"written in the 19th Century by Leland about Aradia and the Italian practice of witchcraft. 
3) A female Christ figure in Italy who taught around 1353. She was imprisoned more than once, escaped and eventually disappeared.
Arahant In Buddhism: a Buddha, or one who has advanced along the path.
Arati The daily service and salutation to a saint or sacred image. Lights, incense and camphor are waved to the accompaniment of bells, drums and conch shells; followed by a traditional chant
Arcana (plural - arcanum) Secret or mysterious knowledge, usually revealed only to an initiate. One of two halves of a Tarot Deck. The major Arcana consists of 22 trumps depicting dominant occurrences in life. Minor Arcana consists of 56 suit cards (lesser Arcana) that assist in fleshing out the trump situation, smaller occurrences in our lives. 
Arcane School An organization, connected with Lucis Trust promoting the teachings of Alice Bailey:  Similar to Theosophy.
Archangel An angel of high rank. The names given to the beings of the Third Circle (Eighth Hierarchy), according to Dionysius the Areopagitethe beings of the sphere of Mercury. The Archangels are said to guide the spiritual destiny of groups of people, of nations, rather than individuals (which is the role of angels); this probably explains why the Archangels are often pictured as carrying formalized models of cities in theirarms. In Judaism and Christianity, the most important are the seven archangels each of whom is assigned one of the seven spheres of heaven: Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Joophiel, Zadkiel and Samael(i.e. Satan).
Archetype 1.) A universal symbol,  a pattern or a prototype. The archetypal symbol speaks in the  language of the subconscious, in our dreams. Archetypal images are used  throughout all the mystical path.
2. An ideal pattern or form to which all things of a certain type conform 
3. An unrepresentable, unconscious, preexistent from in the psyche that can nevertheless express itself personally or collectively in forms conditioned by the times(Jung) 
Archon (Gnostic) Any of several servants of the Demiurge, the "creator god" that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis. They are akin to the angels and demons of the Old Testament. The Gnostics held the world to have been created and ruled by malevolent Archons They are the "principalities" and "rulers" referred to in ‎Ephesians 6:11 and 13
Ardhanariateshvara (or Ardhanarishvara) Shiva and his Shakti united as one
Area 51 (also known as Groom Lake)A secret military facility about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The number refers to a six-by-ten-mile block of land, at the center of which is a large air base the government will not discuss. The site was selected in the mid-1950s for testing of the U-2 spy-plane, due to its remoteness, proximity to existing facilities and presence of a dry lake bed for landings. Groom Lake is America's traditional testing ground for "black budget" aircraft before they are publicly acknowledged. The facility and surrounding areas are also associated -- with varying levels of credibility -- with UFO and conspiracy stories. In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed on a Las Vegas television station that he had worked with alien spacecraft at Papoose Lake, south of Area 51. Since then, "Area 51" has become a popular symbol for the alleged U.S. Government UFO cover-up.
Arete Truth Center An organization founded by Paul Lachlan Peck, in Las Vegas, NV: which  teaches the balancing the body, mind and spirit
Arguelles, Jose (1939 -2011 ) New Age author whose book The Mayan Factor, published early 1987, argued that during a critical time (August 16-17 of that year) the prophecies of the Bible, Aztec and Mayan calendars indicated that the world would either begin a new age or be destroyed. If 144,000 self-chosen people were "resonating" with peace during this important time, worldwide, though especially at the "power centers" like Mount Shasta, Arguelles believed the world could be saved from destruction. (see Harmonic Convergence).   As one of the founders of Earth Day, 1970 (First Whole Earth Festival, Davis, California. 1970), Arguelles is a career activist for peace and the planetary transformation of consciousness. With his wife and partner, Lloydine, they founded the Planet Art Network (1983), promoting the revival of the Nicholas Roerich Peace Pact and Banner of Peace (1935). Combining investigations of the Roerich Peace Pact with his lifetime study of the mathematics and prophesies of the Mayan Calendar. 
Arhat See arahant (Pali)
Arianism An early Christian theological position that was vocalized by Arius around the year 320. It taught that God could not appear on the earth, that Jesus was not eternal and could not be God. Additionally, it taught that there was only one person in the Godhead: the Father.  Jesus, then, was a creation. It was condemned by the Council of Nicea in 325
Aridian (after Aradia) One of several traditions of Italian Witchcraft. It separated from the Triad Clans in 1981 and became the first independent Italian tradition in America. 
Ariel An archangelfound primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Apocrypha. The name Ariel, "Lion of God" or "Hearth of God," occurs in the Hebrew Bible but it is not clear when it became the name of an angel
Aries (Latin- Ram) First sign of the Zodiac sign; ruler of Mars of the fiery elements; key words: activity,  energy. 
Arizona Networking News A New Age health-oriented bi-monthly periodical published by Joanne Tedesco in Paradise Valley, AZ, for many years until 2016. 
Arjuna A disciple of Krishna, hero of the Mahabharata, protraganist in the Bhagavad Gita.
Ark of the Covenant (also known as the Ark of the Testimony) A gold-covered wooden chest described in theBook of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of theTen Commandments. According to various texts within the Hebrew Bible, it also containedAaron's rod and a pot of 'manna'. The Bible says that, approximately one year after the Israelites exodus from Egypt, the Ark was created according to the pattern given to Moses by God when the Israelites were encamped at the foot of biblical Mount Sinai. Thereafter, the gold-plated chest was carried by its staves while en route by the Levites approximately half a mile in advance of the people when on the march or before the Israelite army. When carried, the Ark was always hidden under a large veil made of skins and blue cloth, always carefully concealed, even from the eyes of the priests and the Levites who carried it. God was said to have spoken with Moses "from between the twocherubim" on the Ark's cover. When at rest the tabernacle was set up and the holy Ark was placed under the veil of the covering the staves of it crossing the middle side bars to hold it up off the ground.  It dissapeared mysteriously around 587 BC

Armageddon (Hebrew; Hill of Megiddo) Taken from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, the word refers to the final battle between Good and Evil.   The local is on the ancient border between Israel and Syria.  In modern usage the word has come to mean the end of the world. 
Arminianism The system of Christian doctrine begun by Jakobus Armnius and codified later by his disciple Simon Episcopius.  There are five main tenets of Arminianism:
1) God elects or reproves on the basis of foreseen faith or unbelief,
2) Christ died for all men and for every man, although only believers are saved,
3) Man is so depraved that divine grace is necessary unto faith or any good deed,
4) This grace may be resisted,
5) Whether all who are truly regenerate will certainly persevere in the faith is a point which needs further investigation
Arminius, Jakobus (1560-1609) Dutch Reformed theologian, whose original name was Jacob Harmensen. He studied at Leiden, Marburg, Geneva, and Basel and in 1588 became a pastor in Amsterdam.
Armstrong, Herbert W. (1892-1986) Founder of  the Worldwide Church of God, (WCG). Armstrong  taught British Israelism and believed that worthy humans could eventually “become God as God is God.” The organization taught salvation through works, the seventh day Sabbath,. tithing (20-30%), and keeping the Old Testament feast days and dietary laws. Under the leadership of Armstrong’s successors, Joseph W. Tkach and his son Joe Tkach, the WCG underwent a radical doctrinal transformation.  Scores of splinter groups, such as the Global Church of God and the United Church of God, continue to teach various forms of Armstrong's philosophy..
Aromatherapy The use of essential oils from plants, flowers, trees and herbs to achieve health, vitality and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.
Artemis Greek Goddess of the Forest. The Greek version of the classical moon-goddess, whom the Romans called Diana. Artemis may mean: Height Source of Water; as the moon was anciently supposed to be the source and ruler of all waters. 
Arthurian Tradition A Welsh Pagan tradition based on the lore of King Arthur, Merlin the Magician, and Guinevere
Aryan Nations Church Centered at Hayden Lake, ID: it  is a neo-Nazi paramilitary Christian organization that preaches against all non-Caucasian groups.  The Order, an Aryan Nations break-off group, killed Alan Berg, a Jewish radio personality in Denver, in 1984.  The Aryan Nations received national notice in 1992 when the wife of member Randy Weaver was killed in a shootout with the FBI in Ruby Ridge
Asatru The modern worship of the old Norse gods.
Ascendant The rising sign. The First House, The degree of the Zodiac which is nearest the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. It usually indicates how one appears to the world.
Ascended Masters Beings believed to have reached the highest level of spiritual consciousness and who have become guides in the spiritual evolution of mankind, such as Jesus, Buddha, St. Germaine and others. Sometimes called the Great White Brotherhood.  According to many, they communicate spiritual truths to humans through channeling  or other  methods.
Ascension The rise of the "Christ-consciousness" in an individual to the point that he/she is beyond the powers of reincarnation and karma. The word "resurrection" as found in the New Testament is best translated as "ascension".  After millenia of reincarnation, the soul finally gets off the wheel of karma in "ascension".
Ascetics, Asceticism (Greek = exercise training) The philosophy/science of self knowledge through discipline of mind and body 
Ashram Hindu equivalent of a monastery, a community where devotees live with or around a guru who is their spiritual teacher
Ashtakavarga (Sanskrit) A predictive method in Hindu Astrology that uses a system of points based upon planetary positions
Ashtar Command A divine inter-stellar organization believe to be the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, under the direction of Commander Ashtar and Lady Master Athena and the guidance of Lord Sananda and his twin flame Lady Master Nada Nanda. The Great White Brotherhood is made up of Ascended Masters, great Cosmic Beings, the Ashtar Command, and the Angelic Commands, all serving God and the Divine Plan. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, the Ashtar Comand is here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing. . Its members, both those in spirit and those in embodiment are all master level healers.
Ashtoreth The Phoenician goddess of fertility and reproduction, the equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar, or the Egyptian Isis.
Aspect 1) The particular principle or part of the God-force being worked with or acknowledged at any one time.
2) Astrology. Measured relationship between planets, or planets and the ascendant or mid heaven 
Asperger A bundle of fresh herbs either carrying dew or dowsed with spring water, used to sprinkle the water during ritual purification.
Aspergillum An asperger. An instrument used to asperge, or sprinkle, Holy Water during a ritual.
Association for Research and Enlightenment, A.R.E. Organization founded by famed psychic Edgar Cayce inVirginia Beach,VA, where are kept the tena of thousands of readings and channeling that he performed during his lifetime..
Assumption The taking up of a person into heaven.The Assumption of Mary into Heaven, often shortened to the Assumption and also known as the Falling Asleep of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is  the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary at the end of her earthly life.according to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, and parts of Anglicanism. The Catholic Church teaches as dogmathat the Virgin Mary "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory". This doctrine was defined byPius XII 1 November 1950, in the apostolic constitution Munificentissimus Deus by exercising papal infallibility. While the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church believe in the Dormition of the Theotokos, which is the same as the Assumption, it has not been dogmatically defined whether or not Mary had a physical death  
Astara An organization founded by Robert & Evelyn Chaney: It publishedVoice of Astara
Astral (Latin astra - star) Pertaining to the non-physical, subtle world or its contents which  survive death. That universe most proximate to the physical universe. 
Astral Body The soul.  That part of the individual  which dwells on the astral plane.   The densest part of the individual to survive death.  That vehicle through which one astral travels. The emotional body.
Astral Flight The sudden departure of one's consciousness from the physical body during trauma, trance, sleep or meditation.
Astral Light The aura, the /nonphysical light perceived as vibrations surrounding beings or objects. 
Astral Plane The level of being or consciousness at which the astral body functions. It ranges from the lower astral to the upper astral.
Astral Projection An out-of-body experience often occurring during sleep or a meditative state during which the etheric body separates from the physical body and travels over great distances to another location as the result of an altered state of consciousness.
Astral Travel Out-of-body travel occurring particularly during sleep or deep meditation. 
Astral World The astral realm or astral sphere which overlaps the physical world. It is also called the fifth dimension and "the beyond." It is the unconscious. From the Astral world physical life is regulated.
Astrological Birth Control A method developed in Czechoslovakia to determine a woman's fertile period according to birth data and sun and moon phases.
Astrology An ancient system of divination that uses the position of the planets, moon and sun in the twelve Zodiac positions at the moment of one’s birth to gain knowledge about the individual's life and  future.
Astrology, Esoteric The school of astrology that deals with the relations of our solar system and our planet to other solar systems, of the exchange of interstellar and interplanetary energies. The  Theosopohists say that people that got farthest in this respect were the Chaldeans of some 30 000 years ago. They further claim that in future individuals who acquired this knowledge in Chaldea will incarnate again and once more present mankind with the esoteric ‘astrology’, thereby reviving the long-lost knowledge.
Astrology, Exoteric Traditional astrology 
Astronumerology The synthesis of astrology and numerology in which each planet is given a numerical value and all the planetary energies present in an address (or other source) are taken into account. 
Astrosome The astral body.
Athame The ritual knife often associated with the elements of air and the direction of the east, through some traditions attribute it to fire and the south. The knife was traditionally black-handled, but many modern Pagans now seek handles of natural wood. In some Celtic circles, the athame is called the "Dagger" or "Dirk". In Ireland it is known as the scian. Itcan also be a phallic symbol..
Atheism The assertion, to be taken on faith, that there is no God. Some atheists, such as Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, have fought to prevent any recognition of God in public life.
Athena 1) The Greek Goddess of Wisdom who held back the dawn for Odysseus and Penelope. (Athene)
2) A feminine archetype expressed by a women interested in a kind of male power, philosophy and consciousness 
Atland (possibly from Scandinavian, Altland - "old land")A legendary land said to have existed in the North Sea between Great Britain and Scandinavia. The pseudopigraphic Oera Linda Book make some reference to Atalland or Atland which was destroyed by a major catastrophic event about 2300 BC..
Atlantis A legendary island/continent said to have sunk beneath the ocean.  It was located straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and was broken up as a result of continental drift. The greater part of Atlantis is located south and east of Florida  and was submerged into the ocean in four stages: 800,000, 200,000, 75,025 and 9564 BC. It is purported to have been a highly advanced civilization. 
Atma  (see Atman)
Atman The eternal or real self, sometimes referring to the principle of life in all things. The pure consciousness of the spirit which is a spark of God.  The real "I"
Atomic Consciousness World consciousness, omniscience (in that world) does not mean that the individual knows everything about everything that is or happens. But it is possible for him to find out more or less quickly everything he wishes to know, independently of space and past time in a given world, to ascertain all relations in the three aspects (matter, motion, and consciousness) of that world. 
At-One-ment Term used by several New Thought religions (such as Christian Science) referring to the supposed metaphysical unity or “oneness” of human beings and God as demonstrated by Christ.  Contrast the Christian term “atonement,” which refers to Christ’s death on the cross as the means by which he reconciled sinful human beings to God.
Atonement Making amends, repairing a wrong done. In Christian doctrine it means sin has been removed. In the Old Testament the High Priest made atonements for the people. Christians say that Jesus' death was the final atonement in which he atoned for the sins of the entire world for all time. In A Course in Miracles, the word refers to the final coming together of God and  man.
Attunement (1) Union with the Divine. A spiritual consciousness of being attained through meditation, referred to variously as unity consciousness, nirvana, prajna, samadhi, etc.
(2)  Union within one's self.  Balancing the body, astral and etheric bodies - as in psychic massage.
(3) A condition of well-being and/or health.
Aubrey Holes Diggings at Stonehenge that provided a system for counting the years and predicting movements of the Moon. 
Augur: A soothsayer or diviner. Originally the term was applied to the priest or religious official who interpreted omens.
Augury The act of divination based on "signs" or omens.
Aum Om. A meditation-syllable, said by some to be the mnemonic of the three Hindu gods of creation, reservation and destruction. 
Aum Shinri Kyo Aum (a mantra) Shinri Kyo (Supreme Truth) is the apocalyptic Buddhist sect suspected in the 1995 subway nerve gas murders in Japan. Police raiding cult compounds discovered stockpiles of nerve gas and the basic ingredients of biological warfare. Sect leaders were charged with abduction and "murder preparation."  Aum leader, Chizuo Matsumoto (now called Shoko Asahara), predicted the end of the world between 1997 and 2000.   The Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, has denied Aum claims that Asahara was ever his disciple.  The sect had about $29 million in assets and 10,000 disciples in Japan and 30,000 in Russia. The sect had followers in other countries including the U.S. and Australia
Aum Supreme Trut See Aum Shinri Kyo.
Aura The emanation of the astral body. The subtle energy field as seen by psychics.  In humans, it tends to be ovoid, and extends from a few inches to several hundred feet or more from the body.  The average extends about 18 inches.  The size, color, and content of the aura can vary with changes in mood, health and spiritual development.  Dark spots or "blocks" in the aura are thought by many to be early warning signs of illness.  Various scientists have attempted to record the aura with cameras.  Most successful were Valentina and Semyon Kirlian in the 1930s.   In the 1980s a technique called aura imaging was developed in the U.S. It uses a computer to translate emenations from the hand or fingers into color images of the energy flow around the entire body.  How accurate these images are is still open to question. 
Aura Balancing A healing technique that allows healing energy to normalize systems that have been impared  The healer detects energy blocks in the energy field  - aura - that surrounds the human body and then balances or normalizes it by placing his or her hands over the afflicted area. A system for clearing, smoothing or harmonizing the auric field around a person's body (SeePsychic Massag
Aura Reading The process used by psychics to see the aura and interpret what its variations mean in one's life
Aura Som (see Color Therapy)
Auricular Acupuncture Acupuncture  or other pressure systems as applied to the ears.  This is based on the idea that most of the body's energy systems are connected to certain points in the ears.  Small needles, studs, or magnets are applied to the ear to be pressed by the client when needed.
Aurora 1) Roman Goddess of the Dawn.(Greek-Eos) 
2) root or mother of philosophy 
Autogenic Training A form of self-hypnosis used for a number of psych-somatic conditions.  Usually taught by health-professionals, it consists of learning to relax physically and mentally by focusing on the breath or imagining heaviness and warmth in various parts of the body.
Automatic Writing Writing while in an altered state. It is supposed that a spirit entity takes over the person's writing arm and hand to communicate. 
Autosuggestion Sending mental messages to the unconscious, self programming, a form of self-hypnosis
Autumnal Equinox The Solar Equnox of September 21-23. Known as Mabon or Alban Elfed it is one the eight Sabbats of Wicca. 
Avalon ("Land of Apples") A beautiful lake and rock island where the legendary King Arthur received the magick sword Excalibur.
Avatar (from the Sanskrit- aloatara, meaning descent) 1) The incarnation of the divine or God in human form. 2) a being who founds a world religion or a new race. Abraham is said to be an avatar.
Avebury At one time considered to be the largest artificial stone circle in the world. Dating back to before 2500 BC.  It is older than Stonehenge and is located in southern England.
Avesta The primary collection of sacred texts of  Zoroastrianism, composed in Avestan, an old eastern Iranian Language. 
Awareness Techniques A method to visualize past reincarnations while fully conscious. Originally developed by William Swygard in the 1960s. 
Ayers Rock A gigantic sandstone outcropping that rises from the desert in central Australia. It is the most sacred site of the Aborigines and is place of pilgrimage from all over the globe.  In aborigine myth it is said that there was a great battle there (perhaps the war in heaven mentioned in Revelation) in which creation was thrown out of dreamtime (the astral world) and began to live in the material world.
Ayurveda An intricate system of healing that originated in India thousands of years ago.   Its aim is to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and folks with health challenges can improve their health. There is historical evidence of Ayurveda in the ancient books of wisdom known as the Vedas. In the Rig Veda, over 60 preparations are mentioned that could be used to assist an individual in overcoming various ailments. The Rig Veda was written perhaps 6000 years ago, but many believe that  Ayurveda has been around even longer than that. Ayurveda is a system that helps maintain health in a person by using the inherent principles of nature to bring the individual back into equilibrium with their true self. There are several aspects to Ayurveda that are quite unique: Its recommendations will often be different for each person regarding which foods and which lifestyle they should follow in order to be completely healthy. This is due to it's use of a constitutional model. Everything in Ayurveda is validated by observation, inquiry, direct examination and knowledge derived from the ancient texts. It understands that there are energetic forces that influence nature and human beings. These forces are called theTridoshas