Crystals have become a symbol of the New Age, for reasons that may always remain a mystery.  Drawing upon the myth of Atlantis, a Phoenix channel, Frank Alpert, proposed the use of crystals as healing-transformative tools. He suggested that the ancient civilization had lived off the power of crystals and fell because of its ruler’s unwise and immoral use of them.

Crystals are often said to be great reservoirs of energy and distinct healing and of transformative powers that can be released for personal benefit. Beginning n the 1980s they became the most popular items at New Age stores and conventions; though critics were quick to point out the unscientific nature of these claims.

A crystal is a living thing.  It is not an organism because it does not have cells.  But a crystal is alive.  It vibrates (this is what makes it so valuable for computers and other electronic uses.)   It grows from a seed.  It repairs itself when injured and it reproduces (the seed again). 

When most people say crystal, they are refering to quartz crystal, the most popular crystal on the the planet.  But there are many other crystals beside quartz.  Because crystals vibrate at different frequencies they affect us and their environment in different ways.   Here is a list of various types of crystals and their reputed powers:

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AGATE: Courage; sybolizes third eye, gives a spiritual love of truth.

ALEXANDRITE: Inner and  outer regeneration; works on the crown chakra; brings eneral good.fortune.

AMAZONITE: Strengthens nervous system; used in ancient Egypt.

AMBER: Grounds and stabilizes; healing agent; acts as a filter, radiates light & heat.

AMETHYST: Protection, spiritual attunement: gives visions or opens spiritual and psychic centers; reduces mental tension; induces pleasant healing dreams; prevents over-indulgence and encourages transfonnation and the breaking of bad habits.

APATITE: Clears confusion in the mental stratas.

AQUAMARINE: Gives direction in life:aids spiritual visions; lifts spirits and calms nerves; reduces fear and enables one to express oneself.

AVENTURINE: Courage in social & group situations: adventures in love life; luck where perception is required.

AZURITE: Jewel of wisdom; revitalizes amaged tissue; stimulates thought and clarifies reams.

AZURITE/MALACHITE: Increases dream state and the capacity for astral projection.

BLACK OBSIDIAN: Awakens  dormant, unmanifested potential; protects soft hearted and gentle people from being abused.

CALCITE: Thought amplifier; aids memory; creates greater intellectual capacity.

CALCITE (GREEN): Mental healer: can be used in a situation where you are striving to attain balance.

CARNELIAN: Gives feeling of well being: recycles past life experiences; speeds up law of karma

CELESTITE: For communication wiith cosmic beings and beings of light.

CHRYSOPHASE: Enhances insight into personal problems: aids tranquility.  Has been said to manifest the supreme heavenly,love of truth.,

CHRYSOCOLLA: Helps alleviate personal fears and guilt; gives clear-seeing; aids in ability to speak ones own truth.

CITRINE: Cheerfulness; control over emotions; clear thought; overcomes mental blocks.

COPPER Creates awareness of self; achieves balance within all levels of self; can be used to achieve amplification of thought.

CORAL: Good for keeping thoughts in control for visualization and while meditating.

DIAMOND: Attunment to higher sources; best worn with other stones.

EMERALD: Meditation: precognition. healing: business success; totally rejects evil;

FIRE AGATE: Grounds; balances and transforms into quality of harmony.

FLOURITE: Grounds; holds and directs excess energy for highest manifestation; strengthens ability to percieve higher levels of thought; alleviates anxiety and hyperkinetic behavior.

GALENA: Alleviates emotional problems that block spiritual growth

GARNET: Aids in remembering dreams: good for regression; attracts profund love; gives persistence; cures depression.

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HEMATITE Grounds; improves self-esteem: increases capacity for astral projection.

JADE: Peace;  tranquility:   soothes eyes and emotions; wisdom; universal attunement.

JASPER: Strengthens will to do good: balances the emotions.

KUNZITE: Balances emotional and mental bodies; activates heart chakra.

LAPIS LAZULI For friendship and fidelity, helps to be more kind and helpful.

LEPIDOLITE: Balances. emotional & mental bodies, aids hyperactivity.

MALACHITE: For prosperity, stimulates healing properties; emotional responsibility and balance.

MOONSTONE:Calming good for meditation;  spiritual guidance and protection while travelling. For prophesy: brings happy experiences to those who are sensitive.

ONYX: For separation; can be used for release or to end a bothersome relationship.

OPAL: For prophesy; used for centering; aids in channelling and teaching truths to others-; psychic journeys; anchor of hope.

PEARL:’ Associated with ministiy wisdom through experience; brings love relationships.

PERIDOT: Helps open inner sight to spiritifal; develops inner vision and ability to l~ok into future: counteracts negative emotions.

PETRIFIED WOOD: Stabilizes person undergoing mental and emotional stress; opens individuals to past life recall.

PHANTOMS: Key holders to higher dimensions and inner planes.

BLUE, GREY or BLACK PHANTOMS: Alligns all levels of bodily protection

PINK PHANTOMS: Develops harmony and emotional balance, helps achieve. mystical experiences.

GREEN PHANTOMS: For cleansing and rejuvenation on all levels; promotes emotional tranquility.

PYRITE: Eases anxiety, depression, frustration and false hopes: strengthens astral body.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Raises one’s vibration; bridges the material world with other realms: has ability to store and transmit energy; excellent for healing and meditation on all levels.

RHODOCHROSITE: Inspires forgiveness and heals emotions; attracts love.

ROSE QUARTZ: Heals wounds heart has accumulated: teaches power of forgiveness and reprograms heart. to love itself

RUBY: For spiritual wisdom: focuses mental concentration: confidence; stone of life & energy.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: Activates will power, rutile in quartz magnifies the basic energy of the quartz and aids healing process.

SAPPHIRE: Attracts good people into your life, lms the nerves, gives insight.

SELEN1TE: Clarity of mind; activates spiritual sight.

SILVER: Aligns astral and physical bodies:frees memories from subconscious.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Excellent for meditation id healing on mental and etheric levels; enables one to develop channelling abilities.

SODALITE: For courage and endurance; relieves subconscious fears and guilt

SUGALITE: To understand divine purpose; increases capacity for altruism; visions and general understanding.

TOPAZ: Develops psychic abilities; calms emotions; relieves tension.

TIGER EYE: Purifies system after overindulgence; protective.

TOURMALATED QUARTZ: Breaks up existing habits and conditioning that is in the way of one’s spiritual and physical progress.

TOURMALINE: Balances and protects. striations allow energy to travel more quickly and effiiciently.

WATERMELON TOURMALINE: Balancer of emotions; good for relationships and those who are counselors.

BLACK TOUBMALINE: Very protective. good for dealing with negativity.

BLUE TOURMALINE: Transmits blue ray of peace more powerfully than any.otherr stone on the planet.

GREEN TOURMALINE: Business success; soothes nerves.

PINK TOURMALINE: Increases will to love and sacrifice.

TURQUOISE: Reminder of spiritual nature; protection; friendship.

VARISCITE: Inspires direct recall of past lives relevant to the psychological well-being of the .ndividual.