Angels have almost as many definitions as there are believers. Definitions sometimes describe the duties or powers of an angel and other times describe where an angel come from or what it is composed of.

An angel is:
     1) one of many different types oflight beings, working for a higher power.
2) a celestial being who acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth.
     3) a messenger of God.
     4) a kind and lovable person; one who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness
     5) a divine or semi-divine being who is able to work with humanity for a number of purposes
     6) a personification of the concept of holiness
     7) the light of truth, wisdom, guidance, a coming birth or death, literally or figuratively
     8) an androgynous being of a light, fast vibration on a high spiritual hierarchy
     9) a spiritual helper for humankind
10) a winged messenger, luminous and closest to God.
11) a high spiritual being appointed by God to guide, protect and help us
12) in modern spirituality angels are often seen as energy patterns expressing an angelic hierarchy that is more closely connected to source god then are humans

    In the West, for some unknown reason, angels are most often portrayed as female, when the scriptures always portray them as male.
Some believe in quite a traditional Christian approach in which angels, semi-physical beings, are placed in an angel hierarchy with archangels being at the top.

Some people believe angels are more a form of energy that takes on various forms when it’s vibrations are lowered to make it visible to earthly beings.

Throughout history many religions have embraced the concept of angelic beings among them. The genus"Angelus Occidentalis"is a general term used to describe a number of angelic species found within Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism. It is within Zororastrianism that these angels were first mentioned about 1000 BC

It is almost universally believed that God uses angels to communicate with mortals, the Angel Gabriel speaking to St. Mary, the Angel Moroni delivering the Gold Plates to Joseph Smith, etc.

The majority of Christians believe that angels are a separate creation of God, of a higher realm, spiritual beings. The Bible, however, does not mention angels in the list of God’s creations in Genesis.

Most encounters with angels, both in the Bible and in today’s world, do not give any information about them,

It is believed that angels can take forms that are easily recognized and identified by the one who is receiving an angelic message, forms that are not frightening.except in the cases when they identify themselves as beings who were once mortal.

The best known Judeo-Christian angel is Satan, who is generally thought of as being evil. But a close examination of the Bible (the primary reference on angels), tells us that Satan was not this being’s name, but his office - the job he was performing. In the Bible the word, is a noun which means adversary or opponent. Whenever a satan appears, he is acting under the orders of God to resist or oppose someone.

Whatever an angel may be, a deceased person or a powerful being created by God, too many people have seen them, spoken with them and dealt with them to say that they do not exist.