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This material is compiled from the published works of hundreds of spiritual and New Age sources and from the writings of Rev. Dr. John Rodgers.

It also contains the world's largest dictionaries of New Age, metaphysical, religious and Pagan words and terms

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About Rev. Dr. John Rodgers

Rev. Dr. John Rodgers (Dr. John) is a pioneer in New Age spirituality and a renowned author. From the founding of The New age Community Church in 1972, for more than forty years he has put forth and clarified the teachings of the New Age. He teaches that the essential spiritual truths can be found at the heart of all the world’s religions, and that spiritual seekers from any background can find the path to God when they look beyond the doctrines and traditions of their particular faith..

 He has written several books which have sold around the world.and perhaps more than a thousand articles on these subjects.  His best-known work is The New Age Bible.


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